Sunday, 20 December 2009

Celebrations Part II

What was I going to do? Should I go and meet him?

I walked the 100 meters to my house and my mind was spinning. I couldn't decide whether to go or not. I really wanted to but I was freaked out. It was the first time I'd have actually arranged to "meet" another guy. He looked really nice though. It was a step forward from anything I'd ever done before.

I had something to eat at home but my mind was wandering all over the place. It was now 1930 and I was supposed to be meeting him in half an hour. I was still undecided. I was torn - one side of my head saying don't do it - it's crazy. The other side saying do it, have fun!!!

I changed out of my suit and into jeans and got in the car and headed towards the place where we had agreed to meet. He probably wasn't going to turn up anyway. I parked the car a short distance from where we had planned to meet and got out and walked to the meeting place and waited.

I wait about 5 minutes and fuck, I see him walking towards me, still in his suit. He motions to me to follow him ... gay minds think alike and he'd parked his car almost next to mine! He tells me to get into his car. I sit in the passenger seat and he smiles at me and asks if I want to go for a drive.

I remember putting my hands on his thigh, looking him in the eye and telling him I'm a bit nervous about doing that, I don't know who you are, you could be a serial killer!! He laughs and points out (correctly) that I could be a serial killer too.

He starts driving back in the direction of where we'd first met about two hours previously, but he doesn't stop there, we continue driving and from a big roundabout continues straight on a to a busy A road - still only 3 minutes from my house. We're driving along the busy road for about 2 minutes and suddenly pulls in to a car park. On either side of the road there's just fields and a gold course. He pulls in to the gravelly and pot-holed car park, it's barely lit.

The first thing I notice is a few other cars parked in the darkness. I had NO idea whatsoever what was going on.

He stopped the car away from the other cars and immediately took out his cock. Obediently, I leaned forward and began sucking on it. From the noises he was making I could tell he was enjoying it. He suddenly jumps and I lift my head up and see there is a man staring through the driver's door window. I immediately, jump back into my seat! My partner opens his window slightly and asks him to leave.

I was shocked - I had no idea whatsoever that this kind of activity went on and especially not so close to where I actually lived!

The staring guy left and I got back to sucking this guy's cock. It felt good. It was thick and he was enjoying every minute of it. He pulled my head off his cock smiling and said it was my turn. I lifted my arse up and pulled down my jeans and he leaned forward and began sucking on my cock. He was good!!! I was still very nervous knowing that there were people wandering around in the dark near the car.

I went back to sucking his cock and knew he wouldn't last much longer. He suddenly stops and says he wants to put on a condom (although I knew there would be no fucking) but he wanted me to continue sucking him with a condom on. He whips out the condom and skilfully puts it on his thick, hard cock. He lowers my head down on to his cock again and I continue sucking it. Before too long I can tell that he's close and as his body starts twitching as I feel the cum filling up the condom.

I guess now I realise what a bugger cum stains are to get out of suits, so the condom was purely a device to protect his clothes from cum!

He smiles at me and I put my cock away, without cumming.

We sit in the car and chat a little and then he drives me back to where I'd parked my car, we say our goodbyes and I never saw him again.

As I gained more experience and found myself spending inappropriate amounts of time at this now renowned dogging site and I began to understand how things work in these places. I had some great times there. But my first visit to this place definitely has stayed with me for some 20 years and I don't think I'll ever forget it!


  1. I’d like to share something with you.

    I have a major interest~~big, big turn on for me~~ in male~~father, son, brother, uncle, nephew, male cousin & so on~~family sex.

    Have you ever had sex with any male relative? I have, praise God!

    Does the subject interest you?

  2. Yeah..what a happy memory of the first time in tasting cock...

  3. Boy, you are good story after another...what I would like to know is if they are true or is it all in your imagination...if it is, you have a very creative mind.
    love it...

  4. All true - sometimes with a little artistic license - but ALL true!