Monday, 14 December 2009


Why are relationships always so difficult? Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? But then again, what is the perfect relationship - husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, friends, lovers?

I know everybody says it, but relationships are fucking hard work - but how much should you invest in the relationship before you realise it's over? Where is the limit between knowing you've tried everything and accepting defeat and knowing it's never going to work. It's always easy to look at other people's relationships, identify their problems and immediately work out how to solve their problems - looking at your own relationship in the same way is never quite so simple.

In a perfect world I guess you could always take advice from your friend about your own relationship offer advice to your friend and everything would be fine. Alas, there is no perfect world - in reality what would happen is that you'd receive advice, give advice and end up fucking up your relationship with your friend. Never a good thing!

Relationships are definitely important, they can be fun - but when they stop being fun and start being routine, emotionless and even boring - I wonder whether it's possible to put the missing factors back into the relationship or once they've gone, have they've gone forever?

For some, splitting up, divorce is the only solution, perhaps not the best one but at least it's a solution. If you can live with yourself being sure you did all you can, said all you could say then it's a great idea. But if you have one inkling of doubt that you can do or say more - however remote, however unlikely - I guess you have to do it to be sure. Obviously no situation is irreversible but (as I asked at the beginning of this post) no relationships are perfect and yes they are very, VERY hard!

Have a nice day.

Congratulations to Joe McElderry on a victorious and tuneful win on last night's X-Factor final. Reality TV - always good but it does come to an end.


  1. Do you still live in the UK? The reason is ask is that you say that you're interested in Civil War things.

    You're not divorced? Do you & your wife live in the same dwellinghouse?

  2. No longer in the UK and still married.

    I wrote Civil War Enactments as a joke (as was the pole dancing and lion taming!).