Sunday, 20 December 2009

By Popular Demand

The following situation occurred about 2 years ago and it was my "partner in crime" who asked me to write about our experience together.

Although we are proximately close to each other our working schedules make it very difficult for us to actually meet, but when we do - which is very rare - it's normally a lot of fun. Sam, (as he shall be known in this post) is exactly how a man should be - he's big, tough looking, hairy, powerful (both physically and professionally) and totally submissive. When I see him or talk to him I am always incredibly attracted to him.

We had arranged to meet and go to a small hotel not too far away. He picked me up in his van on time at the agreed location and headed towards the hotel. We caught up with small talk for a few moments and I immediately began gently stroking his thigh as he drove. I began to rub my hand up his strong, hairy forearm. Sam can be quite shy but seems to take great pleasure from letting me touch him. While he negotiated the early evening traffic I moved my hand from his thigh to the growing bulge in his trousers. I then slowly pulled the zip on his flies down and pulled his now hard cock out of his trousers and began playing with it, being careful not to let anyone in the vehicles next to us see what we were doing, of course!

Sam let me do what I wanted to him and I could see that he was enjoying it. His cock was rock hard in my hand while he drove to the hotel and parked outside.

We walked into the hotel to our room and closed the door behind us. Taking in the surroundings. A large bed on the right a door to the left leading to the bathroom.

I moved close to Sam and began unbuttoning his shirt - revealing his thick hairy chest and stomach - I removed his shirt and it fell to the floor as I put my hands on his chest. I began playing with his nipples and putting my head into his neck - it felt good - I could feel Sam giving himself to me slowly.

I slid my hand over his stomach and down to his cock - I could feel the huge bulge in his trousers and began opening his belt and trousers so I could see his rock hard cock inside his white boxers - standing to attention for me.

I put my hand inside his boxers and grabbed his cock - his manly smell driving me wild - I squeezed it tight. I pulled him in close to me my other hand now on his arse - he stood obediently - ready to do as I asked of him.

He finished stripping for me and was now standing in front of me totally naked while I was still dressed. I know how much he likes it so I turn him around and lay a loud slap on his arse. He closes his eyes and I hear him say it "again". Another loud slapping sounds reverberates around the room. His cock is so hard.

I begin to undress too. Allowing him to take off my shirt for me and get down on his knees in front of me as he removes my shoes and socks and pulls off my trousers. We are now both naked and I want Sam so much.

I tell Sam to go to the bathroom and get the shower nice and hot for us. He gets inside first and begins to shower - I watch as he soaps his body and then get in with him. I allow him to begin soaping me - first my shoulders and then my chest and stomach and then getting on his knees to carefully soap my cock and then my legs. He is very obedient. While soaping my legs he sucks on my cock - which he does so well. It feels good.

I pull him up and put him chest first against the wall - his arms raised over his head and his legs spread (like a prisoner being frisked by a policeman). I run my hands across his shoulders, down his back and between his arse. My had stops there, I feel his hole and slide a finger inside - I feel him pushing back on my hand - he wants it in him, deep. With one hand I hold his his arms over his head and my other hand I finger fuck Sam, making him submit to me - all the time the hot water pouring down on us, steaming up the bathroom.

Both of us are now rock hard and I know that Sam is now ready for anything. We step out of the shower and dry each other off and head for the bed.

Sam lays down on his back and I lay on top of him. I can feel his thick, hard cock on me as I grab hold his his chest and abs - squeezing them hard, slapping them - making them mine.

I roll Sam on to his front and stare at his beautiful exposed arse - which he is giving to me. I spank him and from the noises he makes, I know Sam wants it. I spread his legs and split between spanking him and fingering him. His arse is mine.

I lay on top of him and put my cock between his cheeks, pushing down as I find the hole. I feel Sam pushing back on me as my cock slowly slides inside him. I do it slowly and carefully until Sam can feel all of me inside him. I leave my cock inside him as I lay another hard slap on his arse, Sam's body shakes. I begin moving slowly in and out of Sam's arse. Each time as I'm about to remove my cock slamming it back inside him.

I turn Sam onto his back - putting his thick manly legs on my shoulders as I begin fucking him again, this time looking him in the face each time I slide inside him. Watching his body shake each thrust. We both enjoying it. I pull out and stand up.

I move to the pile of clothes on the floor and remove his belt from his trousers and tell Sam to roll over on to his stomach again. I begin to whip him with his own belt. Watching his beautiful arse slowly turn red. I pull him up into a positing that he's leaning over, face on the bed, on his knees - his arse in the air. Whipping him again, and again. I reach between his legs and grab his cock gently stroking it.

I pull his hands behind his back and tie them with his own belt. Spanking his arse, finger it, fucking it. A little of everything. I know he's close and can't take it much longer - I continue stroking his cock and his body begins to twitch - he lets out an enormous gasp as he begins to cum, shooting his load over the bed - panting heavily. I push him on to his back - hands still tied behind him and also begin shooting my load over him. Covering his stomach and chest with my hot, white cum.

Both of us slump on the bed - amazed by what has just happened. It was intense.

It takes a lot of organising and patience, but we're gonna do it again. I'm crazy about this guy - still not sure if he realises how much. And when we do it sure I'll write about it here.


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