Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I think I'm going Crazy

Reality TV is taking over my life.

Just a few weeks ago everything was under control. There was the third series of "Survivor" - which seems to just be going on and on and on - but that was OK - my Saturday nights and Wednesday nights were filled. Then the "X-Factor" in the UK started. OK, so with the help of You Tube I managed to watch most of the auditions and it's not so easy but have been following the live shows - again that takes up my Sunday mornings (live show) and then Monday mornings (results show). Sure, a little crazy but still under control.

Now, we've added "Big Brother" to the list - so now my Sunday nights and Tuesday nights are covered (as well as the rest of the time I watch Channel 20 too - should I happen to miss something). But it goes on, now I'm trying to follow UK's "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here" on the internet. I simply have no time for any of my other interests - which normally involve searching for illicit sex or surfing the Internet for porn. I need help!

People are constantly knocking reality TV but I bloody love it. Sure it's shallow and dumbed-down and pointless - but that's just what I love (and apparently a huge amount of other viewers seem to like it too). After a long day at work (watching reality TV and porn) I want nothing better than to watch shallow television which does not require me to think - just smile.

I think I need to find me a hobby.

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