Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Uncomfortable Situations

I used to spend a fair amount of time at various cruising sites.  Obviously, like everyone else I'm not particularly proud of doing it, but it's one of those things that almost everyone one in my situation has done at some point.  The majority of encounters there were one-off, anonymous fucks with somebody I hadn't exchanged more than 3 words with.  But, I also met some very nice, interesting and friendly people there. 

At these places some guys are happy to chat, others aren't.  On one particular occasion I chatted to a guy, he was dark-skinned, not very tall, stocky and had a great smile.  He must have been late 20s.  I remember we fooled around a little and parted company.  I saw him another couple of times at the same cruising place and we nodded hello to each other.

Imagine my surprise a couple of years later when I'm sitting at work and see him walking round the office.  It left me feeling a little uncomfortable, I like to keep my cruising/gay life separate from my regular life as much as possible.  I looked up just as he walked past my room and our eyes immediately met.  We kind of acknowledged each other with a small smile but nothing more than that. 

About 20 minutes later  I go downstairs and outside to have a cigarette and notice him sitting in a van in the car park.  He sees me and motions me to come over.  I stand by the open driver's side window and we say our hellos.  It begins to rain and he tells me to get in the van while I'm smoking.  I agree.  We chat for a few minutes.  He tells me he's living with his girlfriend and we just chat in general.  He tells me he's the manager of the cleaning company that cleans our offices and he's waiting for one of the cleaners to finish to transport him to other offices.

We sit and chat a bit longer and the cleaner he's waiting for arrives.  I tell him I'd better get back to work and he mentions that he'll be back in the afternoon.  I tell him to pop by my room and say hi.

The day continues as normal and at about 3 in the afternoon I go to the kitchen to make me a coffee.  I see the guy is back and sitting at the table with his back to the door reading a newspaper.   I walked past him and run my finger across the back of his neck.  He lifts his head up and smiles at me.  I offer him a coffee but he declines.  He stands up and says he's just going to the toilet but he lingered a fraction of a second too long turning his statement into a invitation.   He walks out of the kitchen and down the corridor, I follow.

He heads into the toilets and walks into the end stall and leaves the door slightly ajar.  I follow.  He smiles at me.  He puts his finger on my lips reminding me (as if I didn't know) to keep quiet.  By now I'm horny as fuck.  I lift up his shirt and put my hands over his chest.  He's dark skinned and it's moderately hairy.  I put my lips on his nipples and hear him let out a small sigh as my tongue circles his nipples, licking them gently.  He leans forward and whispers in my ear "suck me!". 

I get down on my knees and open his trousers and pull them down.  He's wearing my favourite tanga briefs and I can see his hard cock inside.  It's thick, but not very long.  I pull his pants down and put my hand around the base of his cock as my tongue licks the head of his cock.  He pushes the back of my head onto his cock and I take the entire shaft in my mouth.

We freeze suddenly as we hear someone come in to the toilet and enter the stall next to where we are.  We continue even quieter.  There are some situations that just cannot be stopped!  I continue sucking his cock, it's now rock hard, my hands on his arse massaging his cheeks as he fucks my mouth.  I stand up and we kiss - I'm now shirtless with my jeans and boxers around my ankles too.  We kiss - chest to chest, cock to cock as he slides down my body slowly and starts to suck on my cock too.  It's very cramped in the small stall but we still manage to enjoy ourselves.  He stands and starts to wank his cock - I get down on my knees and put my face in front of his cock - occasionally sticking my tongue out to lick the head of his cock.  I put my hands on his thick hairy legs and know he's gonna blow - I put my lips around his cock and feel his hot, sticky spunk shooting out into my mouth.  He keeps jerking as more and more cum shoots out of his cock.

I stand up and start jerking too, he puts his arm around me and holds me tight.  I start shooting my load over the toilet.  He leans into me and kisses me full on the mouth - I knew he'd enjoyed himself.

We get dressed and carefully leave the toilets - thankfully without anyone noticing. 

After that encounter we saw one another once or twice but then soon after due to big expansion we moved offices and a new cleaning company was employed!

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