Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Strangest Places....

I wanted to start this post first by saying a big thank you to everyone who has read my blog, left comments and has chosen to follow it.  It's all still pretty new to me and I'll do my best to update and post as often as I can.  I'm especially pleased that people are actually interested in what I write about.

Sometimes you can spend days looking on chat sites, dating sites, cruising areas for a hook-up and nothing happens.  Other times in the most unexpected locations and unexpected times you can find exactly what you're looking for.  This happened to me a while back - for me it was the fulfillment of a fantasy I never thought would actually happen.

My office is closed at the weekends although there's a security outside office hours you can always get in.  Due to the way I work I often use the weekends to make up hours that I've missed during the week.  I was driving to work one afternoon at the start of the weekend paying little attention to what was going on around me.  I pull up at a set of traffic lights and notice a guy in a gold Mazda staring at me.  I look back at him and think nothing of it.  About 200 meters down the road we stop at the next red light, I glance to my right and notice him staring at me again - I stare back.  My gaydar siren is screaming in my head, but hey maybe I'm just imagining it.

I continue driving and notice that gold Mazda is driving next to me, not overtaking just driving parallel with me, always looking at me, I look back.  I have that feeling in my stomach that something exciting is going to happen.  We continue driving in the same direction no on a minor motorway road.  I overtake gold Mazda and stare at him as I pass him and pull over in front of him.  In my rear mirror I see him pulling out to overtake me, his eyes never leaving my gaze.  This continues for about five minutes, both of us driving slower than the other cars on the road until just before we reach the motorway turnoff.    I am now in front of gold Mazda and was almost at my office and wasn't sure what to do.

I pull off earlier than the junction I need and indicate with plenty of time in advance to gold Mazda that I'm pulling off the motorway.  In my  rear-view mirror I see that he is indicating too and follows behind me.  The looks flying between us are electrifying.  I continue driving until I reach the next set of traffic lights indicating in plenty of time that I'm turning right into quiet side road.  He indicates too.

I drive slowly along the road before pulling in to the side and stopping my car.  Gold Mazda pulls up beside me and continues staring at me.  I roll down my window and smile at him as he does the same.  He tells me to move a little further down the road so there's room for both of us to park, we both move and get out of the car.

I walk over to his car, he's dressed in jeans and red shirt.  He's late 20s, light brown, longish hair, well built.  I stand very close to him and have some polite conversation.  I'm still shocked that this is actually happening.  We exchange our family status - he tells me he's engaged to be married soon but also likes to fool around with guys now and again.  I ask him if he has a place we can go and he says no.  He asks if I have a place, I say no too, I'm just on my way to the office.  The empty office where nobody is at.  All alone (except the security guard).  My mind is spinning, this is a fantasy of mine - to pick up a guy like this.  Can I let this fantasy be ruined by not having anywhere to be alone with him?  Should I take him to my office?  Am I crazy?

Yeah, I'm fucking crazy.  I ask him if he wants to follow me to my office - it's just 2 minutes away.  He looks at me and smiles and says, yeah, sure.

We park in the enormous, empty car park and head up to my office.  I nod politely at the security guard and head to my room.  I close the door behind me - there's nobody around.  He sits next to me at my desk - but we can't do anything in my office as there are too many windows, security cameras and the security guard making patrols every 20 minutes.  We sit and chat and I put a gay porno film on my computer.  Not sure where to take things, I run my hand up and down his leg, look him in the eye and say follow me.

We head towards the toilets, there doesn't seem to be anyone else in the office.  We go into the end stall and I close and lock the door behind us.  The chemistry between us is still electrifying.  I put my hands on his chest and put my lips on to his and we start kissing passionately.  It was incredible.  His skin was so soft.  Without being aware how I'd even done it, I'd taken off his shirt - my hands over his slightly hairy chest.  Such soft skin.  He too is stripping me.  The excitement is immense.

I get down on my knees and open his belt and pull down his jeans.  Hmmmm my favourite, he's wearing navy blue tanga briefs with a grey elastic band around the top.  Just seeing that on a guy makes me wild.  I begin to nuzzle his already hard cock with my tongue and nose before, putting my hands inside his tight, sexy briefs before slowly pulling the down.  His cock springs out of them and my lips are immediately on the job.  I begin circling the head of his cock with my tongue before sliding it deep into my mouth to the back of my throat.  His cock is quite thick, not so long with a slight bend to the right.  He holds my head and starts fucking my mouth, his cock is rock hard.  My hands are on his arse as he pumps my mouth back and forwards.

I stand up and kiss him again so he can taste his cock from my mouth.  He then gets down on his knees and pulls down my jeans and starts sucking on my cock too.  He is so passionate and the feeling between us is intense.  He's good.  I could tell this definitely wasn't the first time he'd sucked a guy and he did it very well.

He stood up and we began to jerk each other - both of our cocks wet from each others mouth.  My hand sliding easily up and down his shaft.  Both of us were getting close to cumming.  I got down on my knees again and took his cock in my mouth and began moving back and forwards on his cock - he started panting heavily and I hear him say "I'm cumming" just as I feel his hot thick load of cum shooting into my mouth - in continue sucking him until his cock is too sensitive for it to be touched.  Without a word he then gets down on his knees and returns the favour.  It was only a few seconds before I had released my load into his mouth.  He stands up and we kiss again.

We both start to get dressed again, suddenly slightly embarrassed about the predicament we're in.  Less than 1 hour ago we'd never even seen each other before randomly meeting at a traffic light and now we'd both cum in each other's mouth in my office toilet!!!

We left the toilet and I gave him my number.  He promised to call.  That was almost 3 years ago but as the eternal optimist I still believe that he'll call!  Until then life goes on.  Really, the strangest things can happen when you least expect them!!!


  1. Is this a true story? Or if it is made up, you have a very good imagination...surely if I were the guy I would have called you the next day.
    love your blog and thank you for your comments on mine.

  2. Totally true!!

    Never heard from him again :-(

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Wow, what experiences you have!!! And it seems that the pictures are not just random ones from the web, but so exact you must have taken them. Oh, how I would like to be the subject/partner in one of these trysts -- and you can bet I would call you even before the next day. Where do you live? I'll start cruising between your home and office!

  4. Thanks so much Uncutplus. I'm so pleased you're enjoying what I'm writing.