Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Money Makes the World Go Round

Lots of people say that money isn't important. Then, lots of people say that money is important. Which is it? At one extreme of the money scale we can't live without money - even to live the most basic existence we need money - however minimal we must have shelter and something to eat. But on the other hand people say money can't buy happiness? Can it?

Those who have lots and lots of money are always complaining too, they spend their lives worrying about losing what they've got and how they can make more.

In general the people who don't have money want it and those who have it are so worried about losing it they don't don't enjoy it. So what's the solution???

Personally, I don't have any money but feel as though I should. I believe money can buy you happiness to a pretty damn good extent!! I would be more than willing to have a go - I just need to find someone who is willing to give it to me. If it doesn't buy you happiness it can at least give you a sense of security, stability and the ability to sleep at night not having to worry where your next mortgage payment is going to come from.

I don't feel the need to be stinking rich to the point where I can't decide which Chateaux I want to spend my winter-sun holiday in, but I would like the feeling of comfort that money most definitely can bring you.

There are so many songs written about money money money - some say it's only in a rich man's world. Other's ask who wants to be a millionaire? Eartha Kitt worries about an old fashioned millionaire. Simply Red thinks money talks, but I like Whitney's new song - I want a million dollar bill.

And if I had one...I'd be happy to share my happiness with all of you. In the meantime..we can only dream.


  1. I enter the Powerball lottery and want to win the mega-millions until I find out how those kind of winnings destroyed someone else's life. Families breakup, divorces occur and relationships suffer.

    So how much is the right amount of money? I want to have enough in my bank account that I can meet my needs as they arise -- pay my taxes, insurance, maintain my home, have enough to eat and be able to enjoy life modestly. It is too stressful when there is not enough money that you wonder how you will pay the mortgage, feed and clothe the kids, etc.

    Somewhere I think there is a happy medium.


  2. They say money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes being unhappy a bit more bearable.