Wednesday, 30 December 2009

All in a day's work...

While I was in New York I just knew I had to make the most of the time I was there.  I like to think that I did.  The course was pointless and I was out of the office most days by 3.00pm.  In my Internet searches before I left I had discovered that there was a "Male Spa" in the area.  I wasn't sure if I would have the guts to go and visit but it was nice knowing it was there.

After a couple of evenings I had the guts to go.  I looked up on the Internet how to get there and according to what was written it was a 10 minute journey from my hotel.

I got into my rented Chevrolet Malibu having cleared the snow off of it for the second time that day and followed the directions I had.  I found the place easily and parked the car.  I was told it wasn't the best area but it seemed OK.  I found the entrance door which lead to a flight of stairs.  I entered and went upstairs.  The guy at the reception asked if I wanted a room or just a locker - I took a locker and went in.

There was a well equipped gym as you walked in and a couple of guys were working out, but I headed to the locker room.  I noticed a couple of middle aged guys walking around in white towels.  I found my locker and undressed putting the towel around me.  Another guy arrived just before me and I watched him undress slowly, wearing tighty-whities which he removed before wrapping himself in a towel.

I went off to investigate.  It was an old building and quite dark.  I went into the wet sauna and it was empty.  Then wandered through the corridors and few men stared at me but seemed quite friendly saying hello to me.  I walked into one of two TV rooms and there were a couple of guys sitting on sofas watching a porno movie.  I sat in a corner watching the movies - I was a bit nervous and wanted to calm down.  Several guys were walking in and out of the room.  I got up and wandered around again.  There were little cubicle/rooms and some guys were sitting on beds inside watching porn on the televisions inside the rooms.

One guy caught my eye.  He was late 20s, dark skinned, slim and had a nicely toned, slightly hairy body.  He stood by the entrance to his room and smiled at me as I walked past.  I smiled back and kept walking.  Stopped and turned around and he was still smiling at me.  I approached him and he walked into his room.  I went inside too.  He immediately dropped his towel to reveal a long, hard cock.  He came to me and put his arms around me, kissing my neck - we were chest to chest as he began loosening my towel and it fell to the floor.

We began to kiss each other, exploring each other's body.  My hands were on his tight arse and his hands on my chest.  Next thing I knew I was lying on his bed on my back.  He went turned to the corner of the room and took something out of his bag.  He turned back and  could feel him putting a condom on me.  He sat on top of me and I could immediately feel him positioning himself on my cock.  Very, very slowly I could feel him sliding down on top of my cock.  I looked at his face as it slid inside him.  He leaned forward and kissed me while my cock was inside him.  He was very fucking horny.

He began to lift himself up as I grabbed his thighs and began pushing up.  His eyes were closed as my cock began sliding almost effortlessly in and out of him.  His cock was rock hard all the time.  As he rocked up and down on me I grabbed his cock and began stroking him slowly.  He was silent until now but he was began breathing heavily.  I figured he'd been at the spa for a while and was ready to go - I'm sure I hadn't been his first this evening.  I knew he was close and I continued stroking him.  He let out a groan and he began shooting his load over my chest - my cock still inside him.  I wasn't ready to cum yet and I told him as he lifted himself off me.  I lay on the bed with his cum still on me as he began to get dressed.  He put on his shirt and a pair of small black briefs and then his jeans.  I got up kissed him again, put my towel around me and left the room.  I needed to shower.

I put on the water and step inside - there are about 6 shower-heads but I'm in there alone.  I begin to soap myself - my cock still semi-hard from the fuck I'd just had.  I turn round as another guy steps into the shower.  He's an older guy in good shape, hairy chest and stomach.  He turns the water on of the shower opposite and smiles and nods at me and asks how I'm doing.  I say good and we begin chatting.  I tell him I'm in town on business.  Both of us staring at each other was we soap our bodies.  I could see him getting hard.  I was hard too.  We both finish showering at the same time and he smiles at me and asks if I'd like to go to his room.

I say yes.  He opens the door and we go inside, he leaves the door open.  He immediately removes his towel and lays on the bed.  I see a couple of people walking past the open door, lingering and looking at what's going on.  I don't mind if people watch.  He leans over and pulls out a small bottle of poppers - he hands it to me and I breath in deeply.  My head begins to pound and my (few) inhibitions disappear.  He begins to touch my body - running his hand down my chest and stomach and playing with my balls.  My cock, and his, are rock hard.  He leans over and begins to suck my cock.  I put my hand on his head and push him down on to my cock.  I take some more poppers, my head pumping.  I lift up my thighs and feel myself fucking this guys mouth with my cock.  I hand him the poppers and he too takes a long deep sniff and I can see his face as they begin to take effect.  He hands the poppers back to me and resumes work on my cock.

I notice a couple of guys standing by the door to the room and another guy inside the room.  One guy is playing with the sucker's arse while he sucks me.  I don't mind - the poppers are doing good!!!  The guy sucking me changes position and I notice that someone is getting him into doggy position to fuck him while he sucks my cock.  I just go along with it.  I'm sure there may have been more guys in the room.  I was already pretty out of it.

This guy was sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow and I was just happy laying back and letting him do it.  While he sucked me I could feel he was being fucked hard.  It felt great.  There may have been more guys in the room, I'm not sure.  It just felt great this guy with his cock around my mouth.  I was close - without any thought I'm shooting my big load in this guy's mouth while he's being fucked.  I push his head down further on my cock and he sucks up every drop.  I pull away from him while he's still being fucked and leave the room.  The effect of the poppers beginning to wear off.  There are a couple of guys watching at the door as I make my exit.

I head back to the locker room and get dressed.  Getting back to the hotel to have a quick shower and getting ready for the next day of the course.  I'm pleased I went to the spa!

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