Thursday, 24 December 2009

Stolen Moments of Pleasure

Writing yesterday's post about what happened in the office, reminded me of something else that happened in the same office building around the same time.  Being a married man, as much as the idea of grandiose lovemaking is a nice fantasy, more often than not, meetings are nothing more than a few stolen moments of escape from the real world which I have learned to understand and enjoy as much as possible.

The office building where I worked was above a small row of shops.  I would often wander around as I was smoking (I have since quit the habit).  A new shop had just opened selling ceramic tiles, marble surfaces and marble flooring.  It was just a small showroom type shop.  I was just wandering around minding my own business enjoying my cigarette and a guy was standing outside the marble shop also smoking.  We nodded politely to each other.  He asked if I work in the area and I pointed that I work upstairs. 

We made some small talk and general pleasantries and he tells me to come and sit on the small wall outside his shop.  He tells me that the shop isn't his but he's the showroom manager.  We keep chatting, he tells me he's just married but doesn't have any kids yet and there were the usual jokes between 2 married guys. 

He was very tall and very thin, dark skinned and was wearing chino-style trousers and a blue shirt.  He told me that this job was a big change to his last job where he used to travel around the country selling (I don't remember what it was he said he used to sell).  Then the conversation took an interesting turn....

He began telling me how he likes travelling around as it gives him his freedom.  He told me he liked to disappear from work and spend time at the beach.  There was a particular beach he liked to go to because it was a nudist beach.  I just sat quietly, listening, nodding, amused and bemused as to where the conversation was heading.

He then begins to tell me that last time he was at the beach sunbathing nude, this guy sat down next to him and they chatted together.  He kept reiterating that he's not into that kind of thing but this guy laid down next to him and they even cuddled a little and kissed too.  I wasn't sure where this was heading and just answered cool, as long as you enjoyed it.  He smiled and looked at me and says - you look like a good boy and don't do things like that!!!  I smiled at him and realised I'd been sitting with him for over an hour and said I had to get back to work.

I went upstairs and was thinking to myself - was he coming on to me?  What was the purpose of what he said?  Should I act on it?  Should I ignore it?

I couldn't work or concentrate.  I waited as long as could and HAD to go down for another cigarette.  I walked past his shop door which was open and he tells me to sit down at his desk in the corner of the office.  He smiles and asks if he shocked me with what he says.  I decide to go for it and respond - i'm not a good boy like you think and nothing you said either shocked me nor was it something I've never done myself! 

He smiled and said that he suspected but wasn't sure so played it very carefully.  We began to talk openly about what we like with guys, how we like it etc...  I told him that my biggest "kink" is guys in tight tanga briefs.  He told me he used to be an importer of a certain type of briefs and then says he's got some in his bag and he'd love to show them to me.  I reminded him it was still mid-afternoon, his shop was open and we're both supposed to be working.  He laughs and tells me to give him my mobile number.  He's got something to do and will call me and I should come down again.

Not 15 minutes later he calls and tells me to come downstairs again.  I walk into his shop and he walks towards the back of the shop - in the corner is a door that leads to the toilets - it can't be seen from the entrance to the shop.  He heads there and tells me to come with him.  He stops and turns rounds with a huge smile on his face and says take a look at this.  He opens his trousers and pulls them down to his knees, lifts up his shirt and he's wearing a pair of tiny black tanga briefs.  They look great on his slim, smooth body.  I approach him and put my hand out - gently stroking the growing bulge in the briefs.  He moves my hand away and says wait.

He pulls up his trousers and heads towards the front door.  Closes and locks it before turning out the lights.  The shop-front is completely covered so nobody can see inside.  He heads to his desk - takes off his shirt,  pulls down his trousers, sits on his chair and stares at me.

I walk up to him, get down on my knees and begin to lick him slowly between the legs.  He lifts up his arse and slides his tanga briefs down revealing a long thick cock.  I immediately take it between my lips.  Holding the base of his cock as I lick it and slide it into my mouth.  I start sucking on him more and more getting into a rhythm.  I can hear how much he enjoys it as I deep throat him, taking his cock deep down to the back of my throat.  He stands up in front of me, my hands on his arse and he begins to fuck my mouth fast and hard.  His big cock sliding in and out of my mouth.  He was holding the back of my head pushing his cock deep inside my throat.  He's groaning and panting heavily and begins to almost shout - pushes on my head again and a huge release from his lungs as his cock starts shooting his thick, hot, sticky cum into my throat.  I have no choice but to swallow every drop of it - he drops back in his chair, my mouth still on his cock - sucking out every drop of cum from him.  I could feel him getting hard again, but he pulled away.

He said he had to open the shop again in case the boss turned up.  He got dressed quickly, put the lights on and opened the door.  He made me a cup of coffee and we sat and chatted for a few minutes before I went back to work.

We met a few times after that first time.  Normally in the evening as I was leaving work and he was closing the shop.  Then one day he told me he was going away for a week and said we'd be in touch - he never came back.  I don't know if he was transferred, was fired - but I never saw him again.  But marble guy was great - it was a few stolen moments of pleasure doing with him something I enjoyed!


  1. That's a sexy story. Looks like you've got a new follower with me, bud ;O)