Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Alone but Definitely Not Alone...

I do enjoyed being married and I enjoy the idea of whatever I may have done during the day, when I go home I have someone waiting for me.  Despite this, I also really enjoy my own company.  I enjoy being on my own - going where I want, doing what I want without anyone telling me otherwise.  About 5 years ago as part of my job I had to go to the US for a week's training course at our company headquarters.  I was so excited.  Just to be in a different country and alone!!!

Being kind of slutty I checked out the gay-life in the area I was going to.  Due to the place being small I will just say it was in New York state and not go into any more details.  I even found a gay forum that they had and placed an ad there that I was going to be in town on business and would be interested in a hook-up.  I had a few replies.  I think I hadn't realised how nice and friendly Americans can be.  One guy was particularly nice - he even offered to meet me at JFK and give me a tour of Manhattan before flying back with me to his town for further "introductions".  I declined his offer - as I wanted to explore Manhattan alone - but took his number and promised to be in touch when I arrived.

It was very cold and very snowy when I arrived.  I'd taken a 12 hour night flight to JFK, spent the day wandering and exploring Manhattan, taken another flight to my final destination and I was horny!!

I got settled in the hotel and immediately called the guy I had emailed a few times.  We shall call him Bob.  I waited for him in the lobby of the hotel - unsure whether he'd actually turn up.  He did and on time!  We said our hellos and headed up to my hotel room.  He was Korean, quite tall and slim with thick black hair and a very cute smile.  We went into my room and sat down on the sofa.  I apologised that I had nothing to offer him and he asked whether I wanted to go out and get something.  I was tired and it was snowy and cold out so I declined the offer.  We chatted for a while and the conversation turned to the subject of what I like and don't like.

I had already told him during our email exchanges that I'm very into underwear and repeated this in our conversation.  He smiled and said he remembered and wanted to show me something.  He stood in front of me opened his belt and his jeans and slowly began to pull them down, lifting up his long shirt and showing me he was wearing a tight white thong.  He was already semi-hard.  I was enjoying what I was seeing and helped him step out of his clothes.  He stood in front of me - his smooth, slightly toned body was very inviting as I stood up and began to take off my clothes too.  I am normally much more attracted to more manly bodies - I do like some body hair - but I was far from home, alone and very horny.

I took Bob to the bed still in his thong and he laid on his back.  His cock was by now rock hard and sticking out the top of his thong.  I began exploring his body with my hand and with my tongue.  He was quite noisy and I enjoyed the feeling of having him on my bed.  I played with his cock inside the thong, rolled him on his stomach to see the thin thread inside his ass.  Then slowly I began to pull his thong down - as I did - his cock sprang up out of his thick bush of dark pubic hair and I began to suck on his cock slow and deep.

He made lots of noise groaning, breathing heavily, sighs of pleasure.  He began to almost beg that I fuck him but I was happy with the way things were.  He sat up and began to suck my cock - he was good at it.  Licking my balls and my shaft, licking the head of my cock and then sliding my cock into his warm, wet mouth.  As he sucked me I began to rub his cock with my hand - his cock was throbbing.  His panting become faster and louder - I knew he was going to blow and I knew I was getting close too.  Almost simultaneously we both let out a groan of pleasure and I could feel his hot cum on my hand exactly as I began shooting in his mouth.  I continued jerking him and he continued sucking me - both our cocks becoming extra sensitive, both of us jumping and moving as we couldn't take the sensation any longer.  We both feel in heap on the bed.

He asked me if I wanted him to stay the night.  I remembered that I wanted some alone time and told him no.  Maybe it wasn't nice, but I was seriously tired and I had to get up early the next morning for the first day of my course.

That was just my first night in New York.  I had a lot more fun while I was there.  I shall write about it soon.

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