Friday, 30 April 2010

Definitely Makes More Sense

I know I have asked several times if anyone wants to send me emails, but naturally being the airhead that I am I hadn't bothered to add an email address anywhere.

Please feel free to send me your emails with suggestions, ideas, pictures, questions or anything else to:

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!!!

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Well I ended up working with the boss last night.  I had arranged things so that I was available all day so I was quite calm about everything.  The problem is that he doesn't stand by his timetables and had told me he would be in the office at 1600 and we could start working.  At 1730 his secretary called me and told me he was ready.  It wasn't so bad just organising a PowerPoint presentation for him.  He's an absolutely brilliant genius and a perfectionist - I could learn so much from him and his work ethic - not relaxing until everything is finished and looks good with the Is dotted and the Ts crossed.  We finished at around 2200 which wasn't so bad - I've gotten quite used to working late now.  Obviously, we haven't finished and will continue working today - he even claimed he would come in early today so we could finish early (from experience I know not to believe him!!).

There is definitely something sexy about being in a large office - virtually alone late at night.  I guess it's nothing so unusual - but late at night is a very sexy time.  Perhaps it's the idea of knowing that nobody is going to phone me, the chances of being "caught" are very slim too - the only problem is the having nobody to do anything with in order to get caught!!!

Saying that, there is a guy who works in another company in the building I work in - I think he's something to do with being in charge of the cleaning staff, warehouse work etc... I've noticed him staring at me a few times.  Perhaps it's my over-active imagination - but every time I see him - my gaydar alarm bells begin ringing.  He's an older guy, dark skinned and slim.  I've heard him talk and he has a very deep, masculine voice.  We shall see.  It's a little 'close to home" but being the type of guy I am - I reject nothing!

I just wanted to say thank you again as I noticed today that I have cruised past the 40,000 hits barrier.  That's quite an achievement and I'm very proud that so many people have taken their time to stop and look at my blog.  If people would like to suggest topics for me to discuss - I would love to hear from you - please feel free to send me an email with suggestions, ideas or even your own personal pics that you'd like me to publish here (for the exhibitionists amongst you!!!).

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I still don't know!

Blogger is a funny old world.  There are some blogs with some of the hardest core porn I have ever seen and believe me I've seen a lot of porn.  Those in high places at Blogger who took it upon themselves to remove a blog without reason are very peculiar and seem to take censorship to very unusual places.  Compared to others, I'm still a relative newbie in blogging terms, but assumed that blogging was an opportunity to post about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, fantasies and life without fear of someone deciding that they don't like what you're saying (obviously within reason) and removing your blog without explanation.  I know that the gay/straight/married/bi world is shocked by the sudden disappearance of Scott's blog and I hope too that it will return in the same or different format as soon as possible!  I have contacted Scott and I think he was as surprised as any of us to find his blog gone.

Things with me are as hectic as ever.  In addition, the big boss of the company where I work needs to do some work with me.  Having informed him of my schedule - leaving in the middle of the day and returning later in the evening - he wasn't very impressed.  From experience, I know that working with him is often done late at night and any time that he says he would like to start working normally means at least 4 hours later than what he says - he isn't one for sticking to timetables he sets himself.  We shall see what will happen.  I wonder whether senior managers learn who to be complete arseholes at managerial school or if it just comes to them naturally with the power they have.

Although my posts have been a little erratic recently, I have been keeping myself updated on all the blogs I read.  One post, I forget which one now, reminded me of something that happened to me many years ago. 

Very close to where I lived were lots of fields surrounding a golf course.  I had discovered that these wooded fields were used by men for cruising and naked sunbathing.  Once I had found this place as my courage and experience grew I would wonder around in certain areas and discover more hideaways where guys would meet and fuck and sunbathe nude!  One Sunday afternoon I found myself wandering around the area.  It was a very hot day and there were quite a few guys roaming around, all cruising and looking for sex.  It was a hot day and I found myself a little corner and sat down on my own enjoying the sun.  A walk walks past me and we stare at each other.  He continues walking and about five minutes later he passes me again, stops and asks if he could join me.  I smile and say "sure!".  We started with the usual chit-chat that goes on asking each others ages, what do you do, are you from the area etc...  I was about 18-19 at the time, this guy was older, in his 30s.  He was quite good looking with short black hair and a hairy chest. 

He asked if I'd like to go back to his place - he told me he didn't live too far away.  I had nothing else to do so agreed.  He told me that he could tell already that he'd like to spend all day in bed with me but was having some friends around later in the afternoon so we'd have to be quite quick.  At that age I was happy for a quickie and nothing more, so said that would be fine.

We walked back to the car park and I followed him.  I knew the direction we were headed in and it wasn't too far from where I lived and knew the area we were going to.  He drove into a quite cul-de-sac with small, modern houses.  He parked in the driveway of his house and I parked on the street outside and we went inside.  As we went inside I realised the house was actually two separate flats and he had the ground floor flat.  He motioned me to go in and we sat in his lounge and continued chatting for a few minutes.

He told me again that his friends would be here soon and we went straight to the bedroom.  He seemed like a nice guy and had a very warm smile.  The next thing I knew, we were standing by the bed kissing passionately and pulling each others clothes off.  Since it was such a hot day, we were both in shorts and they were easily pulled off.  His cock was already rock hard and while we were kissing and stripping each other he was making a lot of noise.  He was quite stocky and quite hairy - that's always a nice combination as far as I'm concerned. 

I pushed him on to the bed and he lay there on his back.  I lifted up his legs and rubbed my cock between his arse cheeks.  He liked that.  The sex we had was noisy and sweaty - just how I like it!  He leaned over to his bedside table and pulled out a box of condoms and expertly opened one and slid it on my cock.  I grabbed his legs and began to slide myself inside him.  The noise levels were getting louder!  He was definitely enjoying himself as was I.  I began to fuck him, starting slowly easing my cock inside him and then getting into a rhythm fucking him fast and steady - by now I had one hand rubbing his cock at the same time.

The noise was getting louder and I knew that we were both going to cum.  I continued to stroke him as I fucked him both of us grunting and moaning loudly.  The next thing I feel is my cock twitching at exactly the same time as his cock in my hand and both of us letting out a huge sigh at the same time as we both began cumming - the condom filling up with cum inside him as he shot his load over his stomach and chest.

I pulled out of him slowly, my cock still extra sensitive and fell on top of him in a heap.  We lay together on his bed for a few minutes.  He looks at me and asks if I'd like a drink.  I tell him some cold water.  Still naked, his cock flopping from side to side, he heads to the kitchen.  Suddenly, he comes back to the bedroom where I'm lying on the bed and has a strange look on his face.  I asked him what's wrong.  He says come here and take a look and he leads me to the kitchen.  His kitchen was at the back of his ground floor flat and looks out onto his garden.  There was a group of people sitting in the garden and I stare at him blankly.  He says to me "get dressed quickly!"  We both get dressed and he tells me that at some point while we were fucking, his friends must have arrived. 

We got dressed and head outside and he says "let me introduce you to my friends".  I didn't want to, but had no choice.  He introduced me and I said "hi" to everyone.  I could feel the people staring at me almost sure they had known what we'd been up to just a few minutes before.  I made my excuses and left.

To this day, I don't know whether they had rung the doorbell and we had not heard and they'd gone round the back into the garden or whether they'd been there all the time or even if they had even seen what we'd been up to through the window!

I wonder whether any of my readers have had similar situations where they've been either before, during or after a shag and other people have interrupted or disturbed them? 

It's funny the memories blogging churns up.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fucked up Fucking!

I haven't abandoned the blog.  Things have just been very quiet at the moment and although I'm constantly thinking about topics to write about, I haven't been able to think of anything interesting that may interest readers.  I realise that isn't the smartest thing to do as it may cause people to drift away from my blog and not return.  I keep reading the blogs of others and love some of the ways that people manage to attract readers to their blogs by means of pictures, interviews, polls etc...

I love the idea that some of my posts have provoked feedback and comments from people who read my blog and these comments (even those that I don't always agree with) definitely give me a buzz knowing that a stranger somewhere in the world is reading about my life and taking their time and energy to actually comment on it.

As I said, things are very quiet at the moment.  Still doing the running around and staying late at work which just leaves me pretty tired without much energy to do much although I'm horny all the time.  Flirty office guy said he's staying late tonight as well, but not sure if I'm coming back.  Last time we worked late together, I gave him a lift home, alas nothing happened.  Not even any flirting - he spent most of the time in the car on the phone to his wife - dammit!!!

I have been having some very strange thoughts recently.  Although I love sucking cock and generally being a top when I'm with a guy, I have always enjoyed the thought of being a really slutty bottom.  The problem with me, I'm not sure it can be entirely classed as a "problem" is my inability to relax enough.  I have been fucked before (a long, long, long time ago) and when it's done gently and properly is incredibly enjoyable.  I don't know whether it's a matter of me needing to be "in control" of the situation when I'm with a guy so therefore  like being on top but just never seem to relax enough to take a cock comfortably.  I'm interested to know whether other guys find the same thing or is it just me?.  I read lots of forums, stories and blogs etc... of guys just being able to bend over and take it without so much as batting an eyelid - but I just don't seem to be able to do it!

I'm sure the issue is not the position, whether it's riding a cock, sitting on one, bending over or lying down - it's the actual insertion!  Maybe I'm just nuts!

Your comments thoughts etc... would be appreciated!

Just a quickie post today have a good one! 

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Turnaround

Rather than take two buses, to reach my destination I decided to take 1 bus and walk the rest of the way.  About three-quarters of the way through the journey is a shopping centre.  It was about 8.00 in the morning so although the centre was open, the shops were closed.

I decided to walk through the shopping centre as I was early and had some time to kill.  There were lots of stalls in the middle of the aisles selling all kinds of stuff from baby clothes and jewellery to dinner place serving dishes.  The stall holders were busily preparing their stalls laying out their merchandise on the tables and display stands.  I noticed two guys talking to each other in Spanish setting up a stall with hand puppets and another woman organising gold bracelets on a velvet cloth.

I was meandering looking in the shop windows.  I headed to the toilets as I needed to pee.  There weren't many people around.  I took a leak and headed back to the shops to have a wander around. 

I notice a guy walking towards me.  He's probably late 40s early 50s.  Dark skinned, graying hair wearing a tight white T-shirt, jeans and trainers.  I notice him looking at me as I look at him.  Our eyes locked onto each other.  There was an unusual gaze, perhaps 1 second longer than would be considered "polite". 

I had read about "the turnaround" and heard of it and had actually tried it a few times unsuccessfully, assuming it was just a myth.  Staring at a guy that has stared at you, walking another couple of steps and then turning round to see if he is looking back at you.  If he turns round you're on to a winner, if not, then just keep walking.

We stared at each other and continued to walk in opposite directions.  I slowed down almost to a stop and turned round.  I waited maybe a second and there it was.  Spanish puppet guy turned round.  My heart immediately began racing.  What should I do?  Turn back?  Keep walking?  He was heading to the toilets where I had just come from.  The rush of adrenalin was huge.

I stopped.  Turned around and followed him.  He was maybe 15 meters in front of me and he saw me turn round.  I sped up a little and walk into the toilet.  I walked past and stood about 3 meters from the door.  I noticed that he had not shut the door.  The crack left open in the door was too small to see through so I stood, frozen to the spot.  Should I go in?  Should I wait?

It seemed like an eternity but was probably only half a minute as I waited outside.  Suddenly, I saw the door open and he stood and saw me standing there.  He moved back inside the toilet and again left the door open.  I understood the definite invitation and moved towards the door and stepped inside.

I could already see a bulge in his dark blue jeans as I closed the door behind me and locked it.  We looked it each other up and down.  I think we were both as surprised as each other by what was happening.  I gently grabbed his bulge and could feel that he was already hard.  I lifted up his T-shirt and ran my hands over his slightly hairy olive-toned skin.  I leaned forward and began to lick his nipples.  He wasn't young but had a firm body, his skin soft to the touch.  I got down on my knees and opened his belt and then his jeans.  I pulled his jeans down and he was wearing tight, blue slip briefs with a bulging cock inside them.  I slid them down slowly and his hard cock stood to attention.  It was the biggest cock but it was hard and I was horny.

He moved back, pulling down the seat to sit down on the toilet, leaning back and accidentally pushing on the toilet flush, flushing the toilet.  I put my lips around his cock and slid my mouth over it and began sucking on his rock hard cock.  I could already see the pre-cum on his cock.  He whispered to me "lick my balls" and I duly obliged.  He began panting heavily before going back to sucking his cock.  I knew that he was close to shooting and pulled off his cock and began gently stroking his hairy leg.  Moments later I was watching his twitching cock shooting thick, creamy cum over his hand as he jerked his cock.  I used my finger to gently massage the cum around the head of his cock and his whole body jerked.

He pulled some toilet paper and began wiping his cock clean as I stood up and "adjusted myself".  He pulled up his briefs and jeans and got dressed.  I opened the door carefully, making sure there was nobody outside and closed it behind me again, giving him time to compose himself before leaving.

I went back to wander around the shopping centre for a little longer and he had gone back to his friend on the stall.  Both of us a little shell-shocked by what had just happened.  After another 15 minutes or so I left the shopping centre and continued my journey. 

The turnaround is indeed not a myth!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pretty Quiet

Things at the moment with me are pretty quiet.  After a break for a couple of weeks with the running around things are getting back to normal with me being the resident taxi driver.  It's a bit of a pain but the benefits are worth the effort.  I'm very pleased that my wife is settling in her new job, the extra salary is always very welcome and it's just a good feeling being "normal" again.

I spoiled myself yesterday and went to the shopping centre and bought me some clothes.  The diet is still going well, I was at the dietitian this week and I was a little disappointed that I'd only lost an extra ½ kilo, but it's still a loss and that's always good.  People are beginning to notice that I've lost weight which definitely gives me the will to continue losing weight and especially with summer just around the corner I need to lose weight for the beach and swimming pool etc...

I'm working late in the office again tonight.  Lucky for me Flirty office guy is also planning on staying late AND he has already asked me if I can give him a lift home.  Naturally, I accepted immediately although it'll be really late (around 2300) and it's basically in completely the opposite direction to where I need to go, but fuck I just can't refuse him anything!  I'm doubtful that anything will happen, but with me being the horny bastard that I am - my mind is already running amok with possibilities, particularly when it's late and quiet and dark in the office!!!

I'm sure nobody would have noticed but I'm horny as hell today.  What I wouldn't do to have someone wrap themselves around my cock just for a few minutes and of course for me to reciprocate.  Alas, the dry spell continues but at least I get to spend time alone with (hopefully) just me and Flirty office guy.  Fingers crossed!!!

Have a good one!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Thanks for those who posted questions on the Personal Questions.  I hope you appreciated my answers, for the time being I'm going to keep it up and see what happens to it.  If you want fuller answers or something different, please let me know.

I received a comment to my post last week that provoked a fair bit of discussion about being married and gay, but this comment was about the wrestling pictures that were posted to illustrate the post.  I loved that the comment was related to the post yet totally unrelated to the rest of the "discussion" that was going on there.

The anonymous comment said:
"Seems that everything is already said in the above comments so all I want to add is a compliment on the wonderful wrestling pictures. Wrestling is such a turn on! Stretching out each others bodies, feeling the muscles, dominating, being dominated. Sorry for being totally off topic now :-)"
Well the weird thing is that I had/have a huge thing about wrestling too.  I have even tried it.  So this comment reminded me of a meeting I had about 6 or 7 years ago. 

I don't even remember how it started or where it came from but the idea of erotic wrestling with another guy suddenly really appealed to me.  I think I must have seen some pictures of it on a forum or other website.  Being more of a top guy myself, I really liked the idea of wrestling/grappling with a guy and then submitting him.  It brought back memories of being a child and watching wrestling on Saturday afternoon television with the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.  I remembered seeing the guys in their briefs holding each other down, submitting them and then boasting with great bravado about their victory.

Things seemed to flow from one thing to another and managed to speak to a few guys who were also very much into wrestling.  Some of them seemed to take the whole idea very seriously.  Being a married guy who is attracted to men and and arranging a meeting is hard enough, but add to that equation a place to wrestle made things extra difficult.  There was one guy I spoke to a few times on the phone and via emails.  He seemed to get extremely turned on by the fight build-up, he loved to tell me what he'd like to happen during the fight and that I was a pussy and he could beat me, and once I'd submitted to him what he would do to me.  I would obviously return and telling him that he was the pussy and I'd beat him and he'd be mine etc...  I never got to meet this guy.  I had heard from some other guys that he was a bit crazy (I don't know in the end if this was true or not) but I wasn't going to take any chances.

One day I was in a chat room and began talking to another guy who was also interested in wrestling.  From the chat our conversation moved to the telephone and it turns out he was only about 20 minutes from where I was.  We decided to meet.  I drove to where he lived and he gave me directions to his house.  I parked my car and he came out to me.  He was younger than I expected, tall and thin with short dark hair.  He was wearing a vest and shorts and I could see he had big shoulders and looked quite fit.

He told me he lived in the house with friends, but I think it was his parent's house.  I got out of the car and we shook hands.  I reminded him that I'm very discreet and we headed inside.  There was a large lounge area and he began placing the cushions on the floor to create a wrestling area.  We agreed on a few rules - no hurting each other, we fight to submission and we keep our underwear on - the idea of the fight to remove the other's underwear and to force him into submission. 

I began to undress and he removed his vest.  He had dark, suntanned skin and a hairy chest.  He pulled down his shorts and revealed a pair of small, briefs underneath.  I couldn't wait to get them off of him.  He had told me he was experienced with the wrestling but I had told him that this was my first meet to wrestle.  I was a lot bigger than him, I was taller and wider.  Once we were both in our underwear we stood in front of each other on the cushions which he had placed on the floor

It was a little awkward at the beginning and we began by pushing each other, taunting each other quietly "I'm gonna submit you"  or "you're gonna be my slut by the time we finished".  As we began to feel more comfortable with each other the fighting became more physical - he held me down or legs entwined I managed to push him off and hold him down.  At one point, I even managed to lift him up over my head - even I was surprised by how much strength I had.  Fighting can be quite draining.  After a few minutes we were both panting quite heavily.    As we became heavier our wrestling became more erotic.  At one point he held me down and grabbed my cock (we were both still in our underwear.  I then pushed him off of me and managed to take control of him.  My hand cupping his now hardening cock.

I managed to roll him on to his stomach his arms pulled tight behind his back - I slapped his arse and he jumped.  He tried to kick me away but wasn't able to.  I pulled his arms back harder and managed to position myself on his bent legs.  He began struggling but I had him held tight.  I leaned forward, still forcing his arms back and whispered in his ear whether he is ready to "submit".  He shook his head, he still had more fight in him.  I then pulled back harder on his arms and managed to lay another smack on his arse.  I put my hands under his briefs and just managed to slide a finger between his cheeks.  His arms were beginning to hurt and I could tell that he was weakening.  I gave another tug and asked him if he was ready to submit, he didn't answer.

I gave one more pull on his hands and he let out a small shout.  He couldn't take it any more and shouted "I submit".  I smiled to myself and got up from sitting on him.  I rolled him on to his back and sitting between his legs I pulled his briefs down.  His cock was already rock hard as it popped out of his pants.  The situation of being totally unable to move and submissive to me had obviously turned him on more than I could have imagined.

While he lay on his back, I knelt between his spread legs and grabbed his cock, I jokingly told him that it was now my cock.  He just smiled and I began to stroke it slowly.  We were both tired and sweating from the fight and my hand was sliding up and down nicely.  While I stroked his cock with one hand I put a finger from my other hand between his cheeks.  He lifted up his arse slowly to give me better access and my middle finger sliding inside him.  Within a couple of minutes of me wanking him and fingering his arse I could feel his cock begin to twitch, his breathing becoming heavier and he finally shoots his load over his stomach and chest.

I then wanted my turn and I pulled him up into a sitting position and stood up in front of him and let him take my now rock hard cock into his mouth.  I reminded him again that he submitted and was now mine.  He eagerly took my cock and began sucking on it.  He definitely knew what he was doing and he did it well, almost making me think he'd lost on purpose.  I began fucking his mouth and was very close to cumming.  I told him that I was about to cum but he just pulled me in closer.  I let out a huge moan as I began shooting my load in his mouth.  He continued moving back and forth on my cock sucking in every last drop of cum.  He was definitely a great loser and just as he swallowed he looks up at me and says it was definitely worth losing!

We chatted for a few minutes while I got dressed.  He just put on his briefs as he talked to me.  We said we would do it again some time.  But we never did.  Other than looking at a few websites.  That was my first and last experience of gay erotic wrestling.  Given the right time and place I'd definitely do it again. 

Friday, 9 April 2010

Ask me Absolutely Everything

Just a quick post.

I have added a question thingy.  I'm not sure yet if I like it, if I'll use it or if it will stay. 

But I just thought it might be fun to see if I get any kind of response from it and to see what kind of thoughts my readers have when reading my blog.

This is the link (I hope I've done it right):

Could be a fun way to answer any questions people may have and who don't want to ask on the blog.

I can't promise answers in the next couple of days but will definitely try.  That's if someone actually asks anything.

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Let Battle Commence

Since I started writing this blog I've not had a huge amount of feedback (posts on other blogs can easily reach 20-30+ comments), but the feedback I have always had has been interesting and positive .... until yesterday.

I've never been big on censorship nor have I found a need to do so since I began writing the blog.  I like to think my blog is purely as a chance to give an insight into my life, my thoughts, my actions and just an opportunity to share my life anonymously with others.  I don't think I'm ever judgmental and may even sometimes be funny and sexy.

Just today I was reading  The Gayest Str8 Guy's Blog and he wrote:

"I like blogging. I like reading Comments, getting email from dudes who like what they read, even getting email from the losers who hate me. But lets face it - the cool blogs have real life sex stories."
Which was great to read as I realised either it's the same lunatic or there are other lunatics out there in blogland.

Since this is my blog, I feel I have the right to write and describe what I like and how I like.  Nobody is forced to read this blog and if they don't like it they're welcome to move on to the next blog. 

Yesterday I was checking my mails and I had received a comment from "jwazzz" which personally I didn't understand - he'd written in reply to my post Memories the following comment:
"At first I thought this site was on the level - after reading a few of the posts (especially this one) I'm convinced that this is no different than Penthouse Forum with a bi twist. Nice try."
I even responded that I wasn't sure if this was a compliment or not. 

But then, to my post Feeling Horny he seemed to take great offence to what I'd written and commented with the following tirade:

"You can't find the "...appropriate outlet for your feelings." Did you ever consider your wife? You married gays are the worst - hooking up now with the internet is just way too easy for you. You'll continue to stay married and closeted, continue to get your dick fix when you need it and most likely, continue to laugh at the fag jokes told around the office (best case) or, and heaven forbid, stand around some night while your drunk buddies are beating the crap out of someone like me and just so your cover isn't blown, get in a few kicks and punches yourself. (worst case) Grow a pair and come out - if you're truly bi then continue to fuck men and women, just don't hide behind a marriage to do it."
Although I'm not a confrontation person at all, I'm also never one to back down from an argument when it is presented to me on a silver platter.  I responded immediately:
"I have never claimed that the way I live is the right way (or wrong way) nor is this blog intended to be any kind of defence of the way I live. But yes, this is how I live and I am definitely not the only person in the world to live like this. If I am happy living this way, then it's not your problem or your concern.

Please don't judge me based upon your own incorrect and misconceived perceptions of gay married men because clearly (based on your last comment) you are completely and utterly wrong.

I too may be wrong, but please don't be jealous of the way I live, it is not easy - but please be accepting of people who have chosen to live their life in a way different to your own.

Thanks for commenting though.

I think I shall post about this tomorrow.
I would just like to add that I am very pleased that from my writing you are able to ascertain what you did from my blog postings.  You obviously perceive me as a promiscuous, violent, lying, beer-swigging gay basher.  But you are totally, utterly, completely and definitely wrong!!!

If you don't like the way I live or the fact that I have a penchant for penis, a craving for cock, a desire for dick, a lust for labia or a voracity for vagina then that is your problem.  I happen to have very big balls - perhaps even bigger than yours (should we ever meet I'd love to compare).  If you want to be a militant "be loud and stand proud" gay man that is your choice and I think it's great that you are happy to live that way - but before you go assuming my way of life is the easy option, I recommend you stop and think before you blast off.

I would really be interested to hear from readers - should I have ignored these comments?  Am I right?  Is he wrong?  Should I have handled it differently?  Please let me know.

Rant over.  Regular proceedings will continue tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Have spent quite a bit of time at home recently and it hasn't been too bad.  Even had my monster-in-law staying with us for nearly a week and although I despise her more than anything else on this earth - I managed to stay calm and ignore (as much as is possible) the venomous, mean and ignorant shit that pours so easily from her mouth.  A lot of the time was spent at home and I don't think I even argued seriously with the wife once, which is a good sign.  Since there have been school holidays I've had a break from all the taxi driving and running around so things have been quite calm.  Alas, today things are back to normal and the craziness begins again.

Things are getting back to normal at work too.  Although things are quiet there are still a few annoying little odds and ends that I need to complete - but I'm just putting them off and spending my time instead watching way too much porn on the internet.

Despite my request to change jobs and manage one of the departments here nothing has happened.  The job is still unfilled (I don't even think it's being advertised right now either).  Although I still think my chances of getting that job are pretty slim.  I'm still unmotivated and bored but at least it's a job and I'm earning money.  The wife got her first salary this month so although she's already started moaning and complaining about her job (yep, it's only been a month but it's started already!) I think her seeing that she'd finally made a contribution to our household made her realise that she needs to work!  I just hope it lasts for longer than I am imagining - only time will tell!!!

Tried to arrange a "date" with Flirty office guy over the weekend.  I sent him and another friend a text to see if they wanted to "go out for a drink or something" but the friend said he couldn't make it and Flirty office guy didn't answer - he said he wanted a phone call and not a text message.  A new guy started in Flirty office guy's department a couple of weeks ago and the rumours are that he is gay.  Flirty office guy was talking to me about it and said that if it was true that he's gay it really disgusts him.  I wonder if he was being homophobic or was just saying that as a smokescreen.  I just replied that it makes no difference to me and if he's happy sliding a dick inside him then who am I to judge?  I'm still happy to try and convince him that I'm right!

My new "haircut" is a huge success (personally).  I am really enjoying the feeling of feeling the shorter hair and find it quite sexy.  Haven't had a chance to share it with another guy yet (damn this dry spell) but hoping whenever I do, the outcome will be positive.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and the new followers (it makes me sound like some kind of maharishi).  I really appreciate the comments and am very excited to see that my view counter has passed the 20,000 mark.  I can't believe it has happened so quickly.  There are some really great, well written blogs out there - so happy reading!!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Self Control

As a married man who is also into guys, there's something about the feeling of organising a "liaison" with another guy, being able to find a suitable time and place.  The excitement of the unexpected, not knowing who you're going to meet, what he looks like, whether he matches the description he gave you or the mental picture you have in your head.  The thoughts of what you might do together and what it might lead to.  For me personally, often the build-up to these meetings can be just as exciting (and sometimes better) than the act itself.

One time, probably about 4 years ago I arranged to meet a guy.  We agreed on a time and location.  He was a little older than me, business type - turned up in a suit with no tie.  We chatted for a few minutes decided everything was suitable and moved on to where we were going to be alone.

We got into the room and closed the door behind us.  Almost immediately our hands were on each other.  Without so much as a push or a shove he was on his knees opening my jeans and pulling my cock out.  I could feel his warm, wet mouth on my cock.  He began sucking with gusto and was really going for it.  He was quite good at it too. 

After only 15-20 seconds he suddenly jumps up from his knees, fumbling at his trousers trying to open them - almost in a panic, he just manages to pull down his zip and whip his cock out and begins breathing heavily and I hear him say "oh god, I'm cumming" as he proceeds to shoot his cum all over the floor.  I stood there somewhat shell-shocked - I hadn't even got fully hard yet and he'd already cum.  How very disappointing!

A similar thing happened to me when I had arranged to meet a guy one evening.  It was about 2200 and we'd been chatting on the Internet.  We both lived nearby and arranged a place to meet.  It was dark and we walked down a small path between some trees.  I don't think I had ever met someone so quickly after having chatted with them 20 minutes before in a gay chat room.  He had told me he was totally passive and loves to suck and lick cock.  That's perfect for me! 

We stopped at the end of the path and began feeling each other.  I could feel that his cock was beginning to harden in his jeans.  I put my hand under his shirt and could feel his hairy stomach and chest .... hmmm just how I like my men.  He did the same to me.  I leaned in close and whispered in his ear "so you like to be a filthy slut then?"  he looked at me with a wry smile and nodded.  I had opened his jeans and was extra happy that he was wearing tight, little tanga briefs that always drive me wild.  He was quite a bit shorter than me and I pushed him down to his knees.  He pulled out my cock and began to suck it.  I was holding his head and began to fuck his mouth.  It felt good.  This continued for maybe 1 minute. 

He stood up and I moved my hand to stroke his cock.  He suddenly pulled away from me and just heard him say "I've cum already, I couldn't hold it any longer!".  Any longer??? I thought to myself - where's your fucking self-control?  The man had cum and I didn't even know it.  I had only just begun to get into my stride, feel comfortable and enjoy myself and it was already over.

Obviously, when these things happen it's always very disappointing.  But on the one hand, being the positive person that I am, I tend to take it as a compliment - I was so overwhelmingly sexy and sexual, these guys were unable to control themselves and just be merely touching my body they are overcome with sexual gratification they can't perform any level of self control and simply cum as soon as they start.  (Alternatively, but less appealing is the idea that they find me repulsive and are just too polite to say anything and cum as quickly as possible to get the entire act over and done with!)

On a lighter note, I gave myself a "haircut" down below today.  I'm not sure why - I didn't shave my balls but I'm definitely "thinner" all over and I must say, I do like the results.

For those that dare reply - are you natural or do you shave?  trim?  How do you like to see another guy?