Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I still don't know!

Blogger is a funny old world.  There are some blogs with some of the hardest core porn I have ever seen and believe me I've seen a lot of porn.  Those in high places at Blogger who took it upon themselves to remove a blog without reason are very peculiar and seem to take censorship to very unusual places.  Compared to others, I'm still a relative newbie in blogging terms, but assumed that blogging was an opportunity to post about your thoughts, feelings, experiences, fantasies and life without fear of someone deciding that they don't like what you're saying (obviously within reason) and removing your blog without explanation.  I know that the gay/straight/married/bi world is shocked by the sudden disappearance of Scott's blog and I hope too that it will return in the same or different format as soon as possible!  I have contacted Scott and I think he was as surprised as any of us to find his blog gone.

Things with me are as hectic as ever.  In addition, the big boss of the company where I work needs to do some work with me.  Having informed him of my schedule - leaving in the middle of the day and returning later in the evening - he wasn't very impressed.  From experience, I know that working with him is often done late at night and any time that he says he would like to start working normally means at least 4 hours later than what he says - he isn't one for sticking to timetables he sets himself.  We shall see what will happen.  I wonder whether senior managers learn who to be complete arseholes at managerial school or if it just comes to them naturally with the power they have.

Although my posts have been a little erratic recently, I have been keeping myself updated on all the blogs I read.  One post, I forget which one now, reminded me of something that happened to me many years ago. 

Very close to where I lived were lots of fields surrounding a golf course.  I had discovered that these wooded fields were used by men for cruising and naked sunbathing.  Once I had found this place as my courage and experience grew I would wonder around in certain areas and discover more hideaways where guys would meet and fuck and sunbathe nude!  One Sunday afternoon I found myself wandering around the area.  It was a very hot day and there were quite a few guys roaming around, all cruising and looking for sex.  It was a hot day and I found myself a little corner and sat down on my own enjoying the sun.  A walk walks past me and we stare at each other.  He continues walking and about five minutes later he passes me again, stops and asks if he could join me.  I smile and say "sure!".  We started with the usual chit-chat that goes on asking each others ages, what do you do, are you from the area etc...  I was about 18-19 at the time, this guy was older, in his 30s.  He was quite good looking with short black hair and a hairy chest. 

He asked if I'd like to go back to his place - he told me he didn't live too far away.  I had nothing else to do so agreed.  He told me that he could tell already that he'd like to spend all day in bed with me but was having some friends around later in the afternoon so we'd have to be quite quick.  At that age I was happy for a quickie and nothing more, so said that would be fine.

We walked back to the car park and I followed him.  I knew the direction we were headed in and it wasn't too far from where I lived and knew the area we were going to.  He drove into a quite cul-de-sac with small, modern houses.  He parked in the driveway of his house and I parked on the street outside and we went inside.  As we went inside I realised the house was actually two separate flats and he had the ground floor flat.  He motioned me to go in and we sat in his lounge and continued chatting for a few minutes.

He told me again that his friends would be here soon and we went straight to the bedroom.  He seemed like a nice guy and had a very warm smile.  The next thing I knew, we were standing by the bed kissing passionately and pulling each others clothes off.  Since it was such a hot day, we were both in shorts and they were easily pulled off.  His cock was already rock hard and while we were kissing and stripping each other he was making a lot of noise.  He was quite stocky and quite hairy - that's always a nice combination as far as I'm concerned. 

I pushed him on to the bed and he lay there on his back.  I lifted up his legs and rubbed my cock between his arse cheeks.  He liked that.  The sex we had was noisy and sweaty - just how I like it!  He leaned over to his bedside table and pulled out a box of condoms and expertly opened one and slid it on my cock.  I grabbed his legs and began to slide myself inside him.  The noise levels were getting louder!  He was definitely enjoying himself as was I.  I began to fuck him, starting slowly easing my cock inside him and then getting into a rhythm fucking him fast and steady - by now I had one hand rubbing his cock at the same time.

The noise was getting louder and I knew that we were both going to cum.  I continued to stroke him as I fucked him both of us grunting and moaning loudly.  The next thing I feel is my cock twitching at exactly the same time as his cock in my hand and both of us letting out a huge sigh at the same time as we both began cumming - the condom filling up with cum inside him as he shot his load over his stomach and chest.

I pulled out of him slowly, my cock still extra sensitive and fell on top of him in a heap.  We lay together on his bed for a few minutes.  He looks at me and asks if I'd like a drink.  I tell him some cold water.  Still naked, his cock flopping from side to side, he heads to the kitchen.  Suddenly, he comes back to the bedroom where I'm lying on the bed and has a strange look on his face.  I asked him what's wrong.  He says come here and take a look and he leads me to the kitchen.  His kitchen was at the back of his ground floor flat and looks out onto his garden.  There was a group of people sitting in the garden and I stare at him blankly.  He says to me "get dressed quickly!"  We both get dressed and he tells me that at some point while we were fucking, his friends must have arrived. 

We got dressed and head outside and he says "let me introduce you to my friends".  I didn't want to, but had no choice.  He introduced me and I said "hi" to everyone.  I could feel the people staring at me almost sure they had known what we'd been up to just a few minutes before.  I made my excuses and left.

To this day, I don't know whether they had rung the doorbell and we had not heard and they'd gone round the back into the garden or whether they'd been there all the time or even if they had even seen what we'd been up to through the window!

I wonder whether any of my readers have had similar situations where they've been either before, during or after a shag and other people have interrupted or disturbed them? 

It's funny the memories blogging churns up.


  1. 1. Scott.
    I wonder if Scott's blog was removed because of the pictures of adolescent guys he occcasionally posted.
    2. Boss.
    I was a manager for many years. What you learn on management courses, and it should be re-inforced by your HR team, is that you need to treat your people with respect and consideration. The best way to achieve your objectives as a manager is to have your team buying into them. Your boss is an arsehole in spite of his management training, not because of it. He's probably under-performing.
    3. Shagging.
    I've been interrupted while on the job on a few occasions, but never in a situation that would cause embarrassment. I guess you either do what happened on this occasion and pretend that nothing has happened, or you make a joke about it. Personally, I get turned on by being watched.

  2. Apart from my wrestling fantasies, I am sooooo vanilla and never get into these kind of situations hahahahaha.

  3. @ Paul - I always complain about my boss but he's actually a nice guy (deep down) he's also a multi-millionaire genius who works his arse off - despite being handicapped and suffering from some kind of muscle wasting illness. He just tends to be a bit bitter and unthoughtful.

    There is something very sexy about being watched - I must admit!