Sunday, 4 April 2010

Self Control

As a married man who is also into guys, there's something about the feeling of organising a "liaison" with another guy, being able to find a suitable time and place.  The excitement of the unexpected, not knowing who you're going to meet, what he looks like, whether he matches the description he gave you or the mental picture you have in your head.  The thoughts of what you might do together and what it might lead to.  For me personally, often the build-up to these meetings can be just as exciting (and sometimes better) than the act itself.

One time, probably about 4 years ago I arranged to meet a guy.  We agreed on a time and location.  He was a little older than me, business type - turned up in a suit with no tie.  We chatted for a few minutes decided everything was suitable and moved on to where we were going to be alone.

We got into the room and closed the door behind us.  Almost immediately our hands were on each other.  Without so much as a push or a shove he was on his knees opening my jeans and pulling my cock out.  I could feel his warm, wet mouth on my cock.  He began sucking with gusto and was really going for it.  He was quite good at it too. 

After only 15-20 seconds he suddenly jumps up from his knees, fumbling at his trousers trying to open them - almost in a panic, he just manages to pull down his zip and whip his cock out and begins breathing heavily and I hear him say "oh god, I'm cumming" as he proceeds to shoot his cum all over the floor.  I stood there somewhat shell-shocked - I hadn't even got fully hard yet and he'd already cum.  How very disappointing!

A similar thing happened to me when I had arranged to meet a guy one evening.  It was about 2200 and we'd been chatting on the Internet.  We both lived nearby and arranged a place to meet.  It was dark and we walked down a small path between some trees.  I don't think I had ever met someone so quickly after having chatted with them 20 minutes before in a gay chat room.  He had told me he was totally passive and loves to suck and lick cock.  That's perfect for me! 

We stopped at the end of the path and began feeling each other.  I could feel that his cock was beginning to harden in his jeans.  I put my hand under his shirt and could feel his hairy stomach and chest .... hmmm just how I like my men.  He did the same to me.  I leaned in close and whispered in his ear "so you like to be a filthy slut then?"  he looked at me with a wry smile and nodded.  I had opened his jeans and was extra happy that he was wearing tight, little tanga briefs that always drive me wild.  He was quite a bit shorter than me and I pushed him down to his knees.  He pulled out my cock and began to suck it.  I was holding his head and began to fuck his mouth.  It felt good.  This continued for maybe 1 minute. 

He stood up and I moved my hand to stroke his cock.  He suddenly pulled away from me and just heard him say "I've cum already, I couldn't hold it any longer!".  Any longer??? I thought to myself - where's your fucking self-control?  The man had cum and I didn't even know it.  I had only just begun to get into my stride, feel comfortable and enjoy myself and it was already over.

Obviously, when these things happen it's always very disappointing.  But on the one hand, being the positive person that I am, I tend to take it as a compliment - I was so overwhelmingly sexy and sexual, these guys were unable to control themselves and just be merely touching my body they are overcome with sexual gratification they can't perform any level of self control and simply cum as soon as they start.  (Alternatively, but less appealing is the idea that they find me repulsive and are just too polite to say anything and cum as quickly as possible to get the entire act over and done with!)

On a lighter note, I gave myself a "haircut" down below today.  I'm not sure why - I didn't shave my balls but I'm definitely "thinner" all over and I must say, I do like the results.

For those that dare reply - are you natural or do you shave?  trim?  How do you like to see another guy?


  1. Try to keep it trim.....not a wild bush at all here.

  2. I have a hairy body. I keep it all fairly short and shave all the fuzz from my balls and cock.

  3. I leave it all natural, guys seem to enjoy my whole 70's style wild pubes, probably because my dick is big enough to handle long hair down there. If a guy has a smaller dick i think he should trim it short, but i hate a shaved pack. I find it totally gross, but i like hair...hairy chest, hairy legs, hairy ass...mmmm:-D