Thursday, 1 April 2010


The relative dry spell I have been going through recently reminded me of a guy I meet once every few months.  Although we work about 100 meters from each other, we very rarely meet.  He's a good 10 years older than me, has a nice body and about the same height as me.  I've known him for a number of years (with big gaps in between) but somehow we've always stayed in touch.

Despite a break of several months with no contact we had exchanged a couple of emails a couple of weeks previously raising the possibility of a quick meet.  He called me in the morning and asked what was happening.  I had raised the idea of a possible threesome with him and he was very interested.  I told him I wasn't sure if the threesome would happen, but we could still get together.  We checked our diaries and arranged that he would call me when he was free (he is very senior in a large company and is much more restricted than I am with regard to availability).

He called me in the afternoon right on schedule.  Neither of us have someone nice to go, so we often meet in a small and isolated room, deep inside his office building.  Obviously, it's not ideal, but it's a chance for us to be alone and do what needs to be done.

As soon as we were inside he put his arms around me and I put my arms over his shoulders and we began to kiss.  Deep, tongue-in-mouth passionate kissing.  Both of us showing how much we needed this male-to-male contact.  We began to slowly rub our bodies against each other while running our hands over each other's body - the warmth of his body on mine and mine on his, pulling ourselves closer together.  While still kissing he began to remove my shirt, pulling it up over my head.  I could feel his warm hands on my chest as I removed his shirt too.  I immediately leaned forward and began kissing and licking his chest.  He's quite hairy, but soft hair you want to be touching all the time.

I ran my hand over his chest and stomach before gently rubbing the growing bulge in his jeans.  He began to open his belt and pulled his jeans down.  He was wearing tight, light-gray briefs and I could immediately see how happy he was to see me.  I nuzzled his cock through his briefs with my face and put my hands underneath the elastic of them so I could stroke his arse.  Slowly, I began to pull them down.  His cock popped up and immediately opened my mouth and let my lips slide down his long, hard cock.

I was holding his arse as he began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth.  It felt so good and from the noises he was making, I knew he was enjoying it too.  That's something that's always important to me, to know that my partner is enjoying himself too.  He began to rhythmically slide back and forward as he fucked my mouth.  I was taking his cock deep down to the back of my throat.  He pulled his cock out and I stood up and we carried on kissing some more.  Long, wet, passionate kissing hands all over each other sliding up and down our backs and chests and stomachs.

He began to slide down my body, pulling down my jeans and shorts - I could feel his hands running up and down my legs as he began to work on my cock.  He was good at sucking.  Pushing me back against the wall, he too was taking my cock deep inside.  I held his head and began to slide my cock in and out of his mouth - it felt sensational.  He was enjoying himself as much as I was and that for me is the best feeling when having sex.

He stood up again and holding me tight against his body we started more kissing - rubbing our cocks together both of us hard and horny.  I got down on my knees again to suck him more.  I knew he was close.  From my experiences with this guy I knew that if I miss the moment with him, he won't cum, but I really wanted him to cum.  I took his cock in my mouth and began to slide my mouth up and down his cock.  I then took my tongue and licked from his balls, up the shaft of his cock to the head before putting my lips around it and sliding it back inside.  His body was jerking each time I did that.  I began to suck on his cock harder and faster.  Sliding my mouth up and down - his cock was rock hard and every few seconds his body would jerk.  I heard him say, "I'm close, I'm gonna cum" but my mouth was relentless, sliding up and down his shaft, licking the head of his cock more, faster and faster.  He gave me another warning "I'm gonna cum" but I didn't stop.  His body jerking violently but still my mouth sliding up and down his cock.  He grabbed my head but there was no escape, he let out a huge sigh and I could feel his cock shooting his load of hot cum in my mouth.  Still moving my mouth up and down his cock - sucking out every last drop of cum from his cock.  His body jerking, his cock sensitive I still carried on sucking.  He was unable to move for a couple of seconds.  I could hear him saying "wow, wow" over and over.

Still with the taste of his cum in my mouth I stood up and we started kissing again even more passionately than before.  He grabbed my cock and began stroking it.  He turned me around and I could feel his hand between my arse cheeks, as he stroked me with the other hand.  I was very close too.  I could feel that despite him cumming he was still horny, but I was teetering on the edge.  The strokes of his hand each time now making my body jerk.  I felt his finger slide inside me and suddenly I too let out a huge groan as I began shooting, he didn't stop and my sensitive cock was shooting cum over the floor.  I turned round and we kissed some more.  Both of us smiling and happy with the experience we just had.

We cleaned up and got dressed before heading back to our offices to carry on the day.  We laughed at how can we possibly go back to work after that.  But we did!  We'll meet again for sure.  Just don't know when.


  1. that was amazing

  2. Very cool posting! I love it when sex transpires and it's super hot. Hope you have lots more in the way of encounters like that!

  3. At first I thought this site was on the level - after reading a few of the posts (especially this one) I'm convinced that this is no different than Penthouse Forum with a bi twist. Nice try.

  4. Thanks (I think jwazzz) but not sure if you're being bitchy or complimenting. Whichever, pleased you're enjoying it!