Sunday, 11 April 2010


Thanks for those who posted questions on the Personal Questions.  I hope you appreciated my answers, for the time being I'm going to keep it up and see what happens to it.  If you want fuller answers or something different, please let me know.

I received a comment to my post last week that provoked a fair bit of discussion about being married and gay, but this comment was about the wrestling pictures that were posted to illustrate the post.  I loved that the comment was related to the post yet totally unrelated to the rest of the "discussion" that was going on there.

The anonymous comment said:
"Seems that everything is already said in the above comments so all I want to add is a compliment on the wonderful wrestling pictures. Wrestling is such a turn on! Stretching out each others bodies, feeling the muscles, dominating, being dominated. Sorry for being totally off topic now :-)"
Well the weird thing is that I had/have a huge thing about wrestling too.  I have even tried it.  So this comment reminded me of a meeting I had about 6 or 7 years ago. 

I don't even remember how it started or where it came from but the idea of erotic wrestling with another guy suddenly really appealed to me.  I think I must have seen some pictures of it on a forum or other website.  Being more of a top guy myself, I really liked the idea of wrestling/grappling with a guy and then submitting him.  It brought back memories of being a child and watching wrestling on Saturday afternoon television with the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.  I remembered seeing the guys in their briefs holding each other down, submitting them and then boasting with great bravado about their victory.

Things seemed to flow from one thing to another and managed to speak to a few guys who were also very much into wrestling.  Some of them seemed to take the whole idea very seriously.  Being a married guy who is attracted to men and and arranging a meeting is hard enough, but add to that equation a place to wrestle made things extra difficult.  There was one guy I spoke to a few times on the phone and via emails.  He seemed to get extremely turned on by the fight build-up, he loved to tell me what he'd like to happen during the fight and that I was a pussy and he could beat me, and once I'd submitted to him what he would do to me.  I would obviously return and telling him that he was the pussy and I'd beat him and he'd be mine etc...  I never got to meet this guy.  I had heard from some other guys that he was a bit crazy (I don't know in the end if this was true or not) but I wasn't going to take any chances.

One day I was in a chat room and began talking to another guy who was also interested in wrestling.  From the chat our conversation moved to the telephone and it turns out he was only about 20 minutes from where I was.  We decided to meet.  I drove to where he lived and he gave me directions to his house.  I parked my car and he came out to me.  He was younger than I expected, tall and thin with short dark hair.  He was wearing a vest and shorts and I could see he had big shoulders and looked quite fit.

He told me he lived in the house with friends, but I think it was his parent's house.  I got out of the car and we shook hands.  I reminded him that I'm very discreet and we headed inside.  There was a large lounge area and he began placing the cushions on the floor to create a wrestling area.  We agreed on a few rules - no hurting each other, we fight to submission and we keep our underwear on - the idea of the fight to remove the other's underwear and to force him into submission. 

I began to undress and he removed his vest.  He had dark, suntanned skin and a hairy chest.  He pulled down his shorts and revealed a pair of small, briefs underneath.  I couldn't wait to get them off of him.  He had told me he was experienced with the wrestling but I had told him that this was my first meet to wrestle.  I was a lot bigger than him, I was taller and wider.  Once we were both in our underwear we stood in front of each other on the cushions which he had placed on the floor

It was a little awkward at the beginning and we began by pushing each other, taunting each other quietly "I'm gonna submit you"  or "you're gonna be my slut by the time we finished".  As we began to feel more comfortable with each other the fighting became more physical - he held me down or legs entwined I managed to push him off and hold him down.  At one point, I even managed to lift him up over my head - even I was surprised by how much strength I had.  Fighting can be quite draining.  After a few minutes we were both panting quite heavily.    As we became heavier our wrestling became more erotic.  At one point he held me down and grabbed my cock (we were both still in our underwear.  I then pushed him off of me and managed to take control of him.  My hand cupping his now hardening cock.

I managed to roll him on to his stomach his arms pulled tight behind his back - I slapped his arse and he jumped.  He tried to kick me away but wasn't able to.  I pulled his arms back harder and managed to position myself on his bent legs.  He began struggling but I had him held tight.  I leaned forward, still forcing his arms back and whispered in his ear whether he is ready to "submit".  He shook his head, he still had more fight in him.  I then pulled back harder on his arms and managed to lay another smack on his arse.  I put my hands under his briefs and just managed to slide a finger between his cheeks.  His arms were beginning to hurt and I could tell that he was weakening.  I gave another tug and asked him if he was ready to submit, he didn't answer.

I gave one more pull on his hands and he let out a small shout.  He couldn't take it any more and shouted "I submit".  I smiled to myself and got up from sitting on him.  I rolled him on to his back and sitting between his legs I pulled his briefs down.  His cock was already rock hard as it popped out of his pants.  The situation of being totally unable to move and submissive to me had obviously turned him on more than I could have imagined.

While he lay on his back, I knelt between his spread legs and grabbed his cock, I jokingly told him that it was now my cock.  He just smiled and I began to stroke it slowly.  We were both tired and sweating from the fight and my hand was sliding up and down nicely.  While I stroked his cock with one hand I put a finger from my other hand between his cheeks.  He lifted up his arse slowly to give me better access and my middle finger sliding inside him.  Within a couple of minutes of me wanking him and fingering his arse I could feel his cock begin to twitch, his breathing becoming heavier and he finally shoots his load over his stomach and chest.

I then wanted my turn and I pulled him up into a sitting position and stood up in front of him and let him take my now rock hard cock into his mouth.  I reminded him again that he submitted and was now mine.  He eagerly took my cock and began sucking on it.  He definitely knew what he was doing and he did it well, almost making me think he'd lost on purpose.  I began fucking his mouth and was very close to cumming.  I told him that I was about to cum but he just pulled me in closer.  I let out a huge moan as I began shooting my load in his mouth.  He continued moving back and forth on my cock sucking in every last drop of cum.  He was definitely a great loser and just as he swallowed he looks up at me and says it was definitely worth losing!

We chatted for a few minutes while I got dressed.  He just put on his briefs as he talked to me.  We said we would do it again some time.  But we never did.  Other than looking at a few websites.  That was my first and last experience of gay erotic wrestling.  Given the right time and place I'd definitely do it again. 


  1. I like to wrestle too, but the few guys who had said they wanted, wound up not fighting back - they just wanted to give in and suck.

    HOWEVER, years ago, I had a bud who I'd do all kinds of out there prank stuff with. We decided to wrestle and whoever lost would be the other's total bitch. He then dared me to do it outside in public, and I dared him to do it in speedos. So we wound up in a local park with a nice grassy area where people would go for boot-camp style workouts.

    We jog there and stretch out a little, working up a little sweat, then stripped down to our speedos and went at it. First one to three pins would win. He had me by ten pounds and was stronger, but I was more aggressive, cunning and really wanted to make him my bitch.

    Pretty soon we attracted an audience, some of whom actually picked sides and cheered us on. We started to chub up a little. He, in particular, went for some sexy holds. But we didn't really sex it up or even bone up too much because we were way more focused on winning.

    Eventually, after about fifteen minutes, I lost. As we were standing up, he pushed me back to my knees, grabbed my hair and pushed my face into his sweaty crotch. He looked directly at a dude who had been watching and said, "meet my bitch." lol.

    We went back to his place and he put me in a lace thong on my knees blindfolded in the middle of his living room. He put on a game, and during commercials he'd come over and make me hold his beer while he fucked my face. he came twice, but I wasn't allowed to touch myself or talk.

    we laughed a lot about it after, but i don't think I'd have the balls to do that one again.

  2. :-) It's fun to see my own comment in your new post!

    I had a wrestling mate for a while, living about a 100km away from where I live. I chatted with him a lot about wrestling before I ever dared to really visit him (I am a real whimp) and when I finally did he immediately jumped at me when he opened his door to let me in. He was smaller but tough and much stronger than I and he forced me in all sorts of holds and jerked me off in those holds. After totally wearing me out he apologised for his rough behaviour (I was black and blue all over) but I loved it.

    He had all sorts of gear like singlets and judo suits and we 'wrestled' for hours (my wrestling skills are way below average) several times after that first visit. Whenever I got a chance to hold him tight and dominate him I used to come without further stimulation :-) It was so incredibly hot!

    We also enjoyed some gut punching which we did to each other as well. When he had me pinned again he used the cord of his judo suit to tie me up and gutpunch me and you probably know what followed next, he once manage to milk me 5 times in a row (that really hurt).

    We lost contact for some years and then I met him again in a chatbox. We agreed to meet again and wrestled but at that time he had a boyfriend and didn't really want to do it again so we decided not to anymore, unfortunately.

    I once met another guy who wanted to wrestle in a sauna but I couldn't handle him, he was too much for me and I got afraid to get injured so I ended it.

    I love the physical aspect of wrestling, skin on skin, I only have to think of it to get a hardon. Feeling each others muscles, dominating each other, I love it! But it has to be playful. Some bruises are fine but it must be fun wrestling only for me.

    My utmost fantasy is still wrestling with 2 other guys at the same time. I had a trio date once and we 'wrestled' a bit but they were not really into it. I did enjoy it though :-)

    I found quite some wrestling movies but the quality is often poor (bad 'acting', no real wrestling). I still hope to find a nice wrestling mate again!