Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Turnaround

Rather than take two buses, to reach my destination I decided to take 1 bus and walk the rest of the way.  About three-quarters of the way through the journey is a shopping centre.  It was about 8.00 in the morning so although the centre was open, the shops were closed.

I decided to walk through the shopping centre as I was early and had some time to kill.  There were lots of stalls in the middle of the aisles selling all kinds of stuff from baby clothes and jewellery to dinner place serving dishes.  The stall holders were busily preparing their stalls laying out their merchandise on the tables and display stands.  I noticed two guys talking to each other in Spanish setting up a stall with hand puppets and another woman organising gold bracelets on a velvet cloth.

I was meandering looking in the shop windows.  I headed to the toilets as I needed to pee.  There weren't many people around.  I took a leak and headed back to the shops to have a wander around. 

I notice a guy walking towards me.  He's probably late 40s early 50s.  Dark skinned, graying hair wearing a tight white T-shirt, jeans and trainers.  I notice him looking at me as I look at him.  Our eyes locked onto each other.  There was an unusual gaze, perhaps 1 second longer than would be considered "polite". 

I had read about "the turnaround" and heard of it and had actually tried it a few times unsuccessfully, assuming it was just a myth.  Staring at a guy that has stared at you, walking another couple of steps and then turning round to see if he is looking back at you.  If he turns round you're on to a winner, if not, then just keep walking.

We stared at each other and continued to walk in opposite directions.  I slowed down almost to a stop and turned round.  I waited maybe a second and there it was.  Spanish puppet guy turned round.  My heart immediately began racing.  What should I do?  Turn back?  Keep walking?  He was heading to the toilets where I had just come from.  The rush of adrenalin was huge.

I stopped.  Turned around and followed him.  He was maybe 15 meters in front of me and he saw me turn round.  I sped up a little and walk into the toilet.  I walked past and stood about 3 meters from the door.  I noticed that he had not shut the door.  The crack left open in the door was too small to see through so I stood, frozen to the spot.  Should I go in?  Should I wait?

It seemed like an eternity but was probably only half a minute as I waited outside.  Suddenly, I saw the door open and he stood and saw me standing there.  He moved back inside the toilet and again left the door open.  I understood the definite invitation and moved towards the door and stepped inside.

I could already see a bulge in his dark blue jeans as I closed the door behind me and locked it.  We looked it each other up and down.  I think we were both as surprised as each other by what was happening.  I gently grabbed his bulge and could feel that he was already hard.  I lifted up his T-shirt and ran my hands over his slightly hairy olive-toned skin.  I leaned forward and began to lick his nipples.  He wasn't young but had a firm body, his skin soft to the touch.  I got down on my knees and opened his belt and then his jeans.  I pulled his jeans down and he was wearing tight, blue slip briefs with a bulging cock inside them.  I slid them down slowly and his hard cock stood to attention.  It was the biggest cock but it was hard and I was horny.

He moved back, pulling down the seat to sit down on the toilet, leaning back and accidentally pushing on the toilet flush, flushing the toilet.  I put my lips around his cock and slid my mouth over it and began sucking on his rock hard cock.  I could already see the pre-cum on his cock.  He whispered to me "lick my balls" and I duly obliged.  He began panting heavily before going back to sucking his cock.  I knew that he was close to shooting and pulled off his cock and began gently stroking his hairy leg.  Moments later I was watching his twitching cock shooting thick, creamy cum over his hand as he jerked his cock.  I used my finger to gently massage the cum around the head of his cock and his whole body jerked.

He pulled some toilet paper and began wiping his cock clean as I stood up and "adjusted myself".  He pulled up his briefs and jeans and got dressed.  I opened the door carefully, making sure there was nobody outside and closed it behind me again, giving him time to compose himself before leaving.

I went back to wander around the shopping centre for a little longer and he had gone back to his friend on the stall.  Both of us a little shell-shocked by what had just happened.  After another 15 minutes or so I left the shopping centre and continued my journey. 

The turnaround is indeed not a myth!


  1. Wow, that was a sexually-charged and highly erotic entry!

    Some regions are more turn-around friendly than others. Where I grew up in the South, it was common. Where I live now...not so much. I'm glad you got to experience it up close and personal!

  2. TLQ - Don't want to be a pain in the ass but I'd like to raise a couple issues regarding this latest post. First of all, it was hot - random, spur of the moment, anonymous sex is is great. However, I'd like to remind you of a few things you have recently said in the Q&A section of your blog -
    "I'm very selective with regards to who and what I suck." Mall guy may have been clean and attractive but other than those superficialities, you knew nothing about him - not really "very selective."
    "I'm a strong believer of if in doubt, do without." Reading your blog for the short time I have, I've picked up on a few clues that tell me you don't live in the US. If that's true, I hope the laws where you live are much less draconian than those we have here. Sex in public places, especially those frequented by families, isn't tolerated. It happens but it is also commonplace to read about the participants arrested in sting operations. I realize the mall had yet to open which gave you a little leeway but be careful! I'm speaking from experience here - I had an unfortunate encounter with a dick that was attached to an undercover cop - the experience was needless to say, not a pleasant one.
    "Personally, I think if you're sensible and behave accordingly, there's no reason in the world why I should ever be caught or found out." I know, believe me, how easily horny can trump sensible - again, just speaking from experience. Getting busted with your pants down is something I truly hope you never have to go through.
    Don't want to come off as some holier than thou type who is constantly lecturing but do be careful. Get the Grindr (or is it Grinder?) app for your phone - much safer and consensual so no danger of being on the wrong side of the law. Keep enjoying those turnarounds - they're a rush and a definite esteem booster but don't let the little head rule. OK - lecture over. As always, it's been a pleasure - take care.

  3. I have no defence other than to say when a guy is horny he does stupid things!

    Thanks for your efforts in commenting and you're right it was it was great, hot - random, spur of the moment, anonymous sex. Nothing to be proud of I know, but we all do shit from time to time. Regardless of our rules etc...


  4. This was hot to read and I would suppose the element of danger made it especially stimulating. Interesting that he made no move to reciprocate in some way or other -- or that you didn't seem to seek that.