Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Pretty Quiet

Things at the moment with me are pretty quiet.  After a break for a couple of weeks with the running around things are getting back to normal with me being the resident taxi driver.  It's a bit of a pain but the benefits are worth the effort.  I'm very pleased that my wife is settling in her new job, the extra salary is always very welcome and it's just a good feeling being "normal" again.

I spoiled myself yesterday and went to the shopping centre and bought me some clothes.  The diet is still going well, I was at the dietitian this week and I was a little disappointed that I'd only lost an extra ½ kilo, but it's still a loss and that's always good.  People are beginning to notice that I've lost weight which definitely gives me the will to continue losing weight and especially with summer just around the corner I need to lose weight for the beach and swimming pool etc...

I'm working late in the office again tonight.  Lucky for me Flirty office guy is also planning on staying late AND he has already asked me if I can give him a lift home.  Naturally, I accepted immediately although it'll be really late (around 2300) and it's basically in completely the opposite direction to where I need to go, but fuck I just can't refuse him anything!  I'm doubtful that anything will happen, but with me being the horny bastard that I am - my mind is already running amok with possibilities, particularly when it's late and quiet and dark in the office!!!

I'm sure nobody would have noticed but I'm horny as hell today.  What I wouldn't do to have someone wrap themselves around my cock just for a few minutes and of course for me to reciprocate.  Alas, the dry spell continues but at least I get to spend time alone with (hopefully) just me and Flirty office guy.  Fingers crossed!!!

Have a good one!


  1. "Flirty office guy", don't we all know one of those. Is he serious or just trying to lure you into something?
    I know a "flirty gym guy". He referred to his child(ren) once so I guess he is married (duh), but he is such a flirt with his great body and bright smile and twinkling eyes.
    Wish HE would wrestle me someday!

  2. So at about 2100 you need to swing by Flirty guy's office and say: "I just can't seem to focus tonight. God I could use a blow job. Any takers?"