Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Have spent quite a bit of time at home recently and it hasn't been too bad.  Even had my monster-in-law staying with us for nearly a week and although I despise her more than anything else on this earth - I managed to stay calm and ignore (as much as is possible) the venomous, mean and ignorant shit that pours so easily from her mouth.  A lot of the time was spent at home and I don't think I even argued seriously with the wife once, which is a good sign.  Since there have been school holidays I've had a break from all the taxi driving and running around so things have been quite calm.  Alas, today things are back to normal and the craziness begins again.

Things are getting back to normal at work too.  Although things are quiet there are still a few annoying little odds and ends that I need to complete - but I'm just putting them off and spending my time instead watching way too much porn on the internet.

Despite my request to change jobs and manage one of the departments here nothing has happened.  The job is still unfilled (I don't even think it's being advertised right now either).  Although I still think my chances of getting that job are pretty slim.  I'm still unmotivated and bored but at least it's a job and I'm earning money.  The wife got her first salary this month so although she's already started moaning and complaining about her job (yep, it's only been a month but it's started already!) I think her seeing that she'd finally made a contribution to our household made her realise that she needs to work!  I just hope it lasts for longer than I am imagining - only time will tell!!!

Tried to arrange a "date" with Flirty office guy over the weekend.  I sent him and another friend a text to see if they wanted to "go out for a drink or something" but the friend said he couldn't make it and Flirty office guy didn't answer - he said he wanted a phone call and not a text message.  A new guy started in Flirty office guy's department a couple of weeks ago and the rumours are that he is gay.  Flirty office guy was talking to me about it and said that if it was true that he's gay it really disgusts him.  I wonder if he was being homophobic or was just saying that as a smokescreen.  I just replied that it makes no difference to me and if he's happy sliding a dick inside him then who am I to judge?  I'm still happy to try and convince him that I'm right!

My new "haircut" is a huge success (personally).  I am really enjoying the feeling of feeling the shorter hair and find it quite sexy.  Haven't had a chance to share it with another guy yet (damn this dry spell) but hoping whenever I do, the outcome will be positive.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and the new followers (it makes me sound like some kind of maharishi).  I really appreciate the comments and am very excited to see that my view counter has passed the 20,000 mark.  I can't believe it has happened so quickly.  There are some really great, well written blogs out there - so happy reading!!!


  1. You must be married to my wife's sister - because you describes my mother in law perfectly.

  2. Hard to believe that anyone can be such a poisonous old witch like my mother-in-law.

    Good luck!


  3. Hmm, the comment from Flirty seems like a smokescreen. By saying that he sounds like a typical closet case who overdoes the 'disgust' card and really craves cock himself. Again, I say get a few pints in him and watch him transform into a bottom! HAHA! Can't wait until you fuck him raw.

  4. I also wasn't sure if it was a smokescreen - that's why I mentioned it! I certainly hope I have the chance to fuck him (raw isn't necessary).

    Thanks for your comment and hope it happens soon!


  5. Seriously liking your blog, TLQ, so I'm following.
    You might enjoy my blog?

  6. Thanks! I'm pleased you're enjoying.