Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back to Basics - New Initiative

I suddenly felt that my last few posts were all sex related and thought I would at least have a post that went back to basics of what my original intent of blogging was about.

Life isn't too bad at the moment.  The wife is still working - which is a blessing - and it all seems to be going very well. 

My diet is not quite so good although tomorrow I'm going back to the dietitian for my monthly weigh-in.  Although I'm still being relatively good - I've had a few bad moments - tomorrow I'll know whether I've been good enough.  I'd love to have lost another 2 kilos but I am fearful that she's going to tell me that I've put weight on.  I don't weigh myself at home so haven't got a clue what to expect - although I'm not very optimistic.  Last time I was at the dietitian I said the same to her and I'd still lost weight and she very correctly said that it was my conscience speaking!!!  I'm still going out walking (although only once a week and it's a lot more walking than running - but I'm doing my best to keep it up).

The running around that I do everyday is still going on but with the month of August rapidly approaching and no school - I'm hoping that I'll have an easier month.  I'm also planning to take some time off work for child-minding reasons so I'm not too sure how much time I'll have to blog - but that doesn't mean I won't be doing what I can to keep updated with some really great blogs as well as writing my own.

I don't know whether it will be a success, but to add some interest to my blog I've decided to try something new.  If any of my readers (according to my stat counter I'm almost at 100,000 hits - so I guess someone is reading the blog) have any problems or something that they'd like to discuss openly - I'd like to act as a kind of Agony Uncle/Counsellor.  Therefore, if anyone has any issues, problems, difficulties or the like that they would be happy to share with me and my blog readers (anonymously of course) please send me an email to and I will do my best to answer and advise. 

I know that I have hits on my blog from an incredibly wide range of people from all over the world so I'm sure that there are plenty of people that have issues and problems that I could help with.

Looking forward to hearing from you and have a great week!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Getting Good

He gave me the code to open the lobby door and told me to "come straight in, get undressed and come to his bedroom" and he would be waiting for me in bed.  I'd heard stories of this happening but had never done anything like it myself.

I knew where I was going, I'd been at his house just a few days earlier.  We'd chatted and we'd both said how much we had enjoyed ourselves and planned to do it again that night.

I entered the lobby and made my way up to his flat.  Should I ring the doorbell or just go in.  I tried the handle and the door was open and went inside.  The whole flat was dark but the television was on.  I looked around and could see nobody.  I looked down the corridor to where I remember his bedroom was and there was complete darkness.   I put down my bag and began to undress.  I was down to my underwear - I went for it.  Removed my shorts and walked naked down the corridor towards his bedroom.

The room was dark but  the open window above the bed was letting in some light from the lamposts, despite being several floors up.  The curtain at the window was blowing from the night breeze coming in through the window. 

I could see his outline as he lay on the bed naked and already playing with his cock.  I approached the bed and lay on top of him and he lifted his head and we began to kiss.  I don't know what it was about this guy - but I felt comfortable with him.  We were both very receptive to each other and I enjoyed the touch of his body.  We hugged as we kissed our bare chests rubbing against each other.  It felt good.

I worked my way down his body licking his nipples and sliding myself down before taking his cock in my mouth and sliding it deep inside my mouth sucking on it.  He responded by lifting his lower back and gently fucking my mouth.  I worked my tongue down his balls and he began to lift his legs and I began to eat his hole - he responded by opening his cheeks so I could get my tongue right inside.  His body smelled of soap.  I was really enjoying myself.

I worked my way back up his body using my tongue and he lifted his legs - without any difficulty my dick slipped inside him and I kept it inside him.  I leaned over him and we kissed some more - hard, passionate kissing.  He whispered "fuck me hard" as I began sliding my cock in and out of him, hard!  His body shaking each time I banged my cock deep inside him.  I didn't want to cum yet and pulled out of him, and laying down on the bed next to him.  We kissed some more.  He rolled himself on top of me before going down on my cock with his warm, wet mouth.  He enjoyed sucking my cock - it was so rock hard and throbbing and felt so good in his mouth.  He climbed on top of me - sitting on my cock - and I could feel it sliding inside of him.

He began to rock back and forwards on my cock - the sensation was amazing.  I wasn't sure how long I could hold it for.  While he rocked back and forwards on my cock he began to wank his own cock.  Both of us were on the edge now and very close to cumming.

As he rocked back and forward on my cock he announced "I'm cumming" and I could feel him shoot his load over my chest - his hot, thick spunk landing near me.  I began to rub his cock, his cum on my hands - I licked my hands and could feel his cum in my mouth.  With my cock still inside him I pulled his head towards mine and kissed him - transferring his cum from my mouth to his.  He pulled himself off my cock and I began to wank - his face right next to my cock.  Within a few seconds, I was shooting over him and me.  The release was intense and it felt so good.  We lay next to each other - both of us unable to move.

We laid on the bed together - naked - touching each other, chatting about all kinds of stuff but it was getting late so I told him I had to get dressed and get going.  I felt like I could have sat with him for ages.

I hope we can do it again soon.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Strike 2

I was having a quiet, late and horny evening in the office the other night.  Most people had gone home early for the World Cup final - but it didn't really interest me.  I'm sure when people say they're not interested in the world cup somewhere a little fairy dies.

I was bored and a little horny and decided to have a look at what was happening in the chat room.  I began chatting to a guy who seemed nice enough.  He was local and divorced and said he was 48 years old.  Unfortunately, technical problems at my end meant that I kept losing my internet connection and I got cut off from the chat during our conversation.  I considered it a lost cause when a message popped up on my computer that the connection had been restored so I re-entered the chat room.

I found the guy again and we continued talking.  By now, it was quite late so I expedited the process and asked him if he was interested.  He said he was and sent me his address.  It was only a five minute drive away and I decided to give it a try.

I found his house easily and rang on the doorbell and he let me in.  The initial nervousness was there (as always).  He was shorter than me, bald and wearing glasses.  He was no male model - but I'd seen worse.  He immediately came close to me and began rubbing my cock through my jeans.  He was wearing just a T-shirt and shorts and I reciprocated.  He looked up at me and asked if I'd be more comfortable in the bedroom.  Sure, why not?

He led me along a long corridor to his bedroom.  We stood face to face and put our arms around each other, feeling each other, rubbing and kissing.  Before long we were both naked and he lay down on the bed.  I lay down next to him before positioning myself between his legs and taking his cock between my lips.  It wasn't a big cock but it was attractive and he was very noisy - always a sign that he's enjoying my good work.

He then told me to lay on my back and he went down on me and he did a fantastic job.  While he was on top of me I began to fuck his mouth and he took my hard cock deep inside his mouth.  This continued for a good few minutes.  I really wanted to fuck him, but we didn't have any condoms, so I had him on all 4s and finger-fucked him while rubbing his cock with my other hand.  I then put him on his back and rubbed my cock on his hole while leaning forward and we kissed some more.  He put his legs on my shoulders and the rubbing sensation on his hole and my cock brought us very close to climax.

I pulled back a little and watched him as he began to wank his cock, I knew he was close and within a few seconds he told me he was about to cum.  At the same time I began to wank too.  Almost simultaneously we both came - both of us shooting over his stomach long sticky ropes of cum.  I fell on top of him and we kissed some more.  Both of us breathlessly saying "wow, that was great".

While he went off to get showered I started to get dressed.  He slipped his shorts and shirt back on as I told him it was great and would love to do it again.  We exchanged numbers and said we'd be in touch.

I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Nothing New

It's been a week since my last post and I didn't want people to think that I was abandoning my blog or anything of the sort.  I'm still really pleased to see that slowly, but surely, the number of followers and hits to my blog is rising.  It's still give me a buzz to know that people are visiting and reading what I'm writing.

On a plus note, this week I received my first "fan mail" from one of my blog readers.  I am pleased to attach here his photograph (I was given permission to post it) showing his excitement and gratitude for my blog.  I would be so happy to receive from others - any emails, pictures or other things that you'd like to send me.  I promise to reply to each and every one.

I haven't really seen the sexy storeroom guy lately, I think he's around but I guess I haven't had much luck synchronising our times and meeting him and if I have seen him, he's not been alone - but I have no intentions of giving up on that one - not at least until I get a slap hahaha!

The quick and anonymous shag I had last week has left me feeling quite satisfied and although I've spent a minimal amount of time searching for another, nothing has happened.  I kinda know that the chances of me topping that one will be pretty slim - from past experience - so I've not had much luck in that department although I'm still pretty horny all the time and have been using the memories from last week for quite a lot of masturbation.  I'm not sure what's wrong with me at the moment but I'm on about twice a day.  But as a good friend told me once, at least wanking is having sex with someone who loves you!

I decided that I liked the "haircut" I gave myself a few weeks ago and decided this morning to renew the style.  I'd love to know who else shaves completely, trims or leaves it natural.  Again, please feel free to send me your pictures and if you'd like I will post them here for the world (almost) to see.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks for reading and looking forward to reading and receiving your comments.

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