Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Strike 2

I was having a quiet, late and horny evening in the office the other night.  Most people had gone home early for the World Cup final - but it didn't really interest me.  I'm sure when people say they're not interested in the world cup somewhere a little fairy dies.

I was bored and a little horny and decided to have a look at what was happening in the chat room.  I began chatting to a guy who seemed nice enough.  He was local and divorced and said he was 48 years old.  Unfortunately, technical problems at my end meant that I kept losing my internet connection and I got cut off from the chat during our conversation.  I considered it a lost cause when a message popped up on my computer that the connection had been restored so I re-entered the chat room.

I found the guy again and we continued talking.  By now, it was quite late so I expedited the process and asked him if he was interested.  He said he was and sent me his address.  It was only a five minute drive away and I decided to give it a try.

I found his house easily and rang on the doorbell and he let me in.  The initial nervousness was there (as always).  He was shorter than me, bald and wearing glasses.  He was no male model - but I'd seen worse.  He immediately came close to me and began rubbing my cock through my jeans.  He was wearing just a T-shirt and shorts and I reciprocated.  He looked up at me and asked if I'd be more comfortable in the bedroom.  Sure, why not?

He led me along a long corridor to his bedroom.  We stood face to face and put our arms around each other, feeling each other, rubbing and kissing.  Before long we were both naked and he lay down on the bed.  I lay down next to him before positioning myself between his legs and taking his cock between my lips.  It wasn't a big cock but it was attractive and he was very noisy - always a sign that he's enjoying my good work.

He then told me to lay on my back and he went down on me and he did a fantastic job.  While he was on top of me I began to fuck his mouth and he took my hard cock deep inside his mouth.  This continued for a good few minutes.  I really wanted to fuck him, but we didn't have any condoms, so I had him on all 4s and finger-fucked him while rubbing his cock with my other hand.  I then put him on his back and rubbed my cock on his hole while leaning forward and we kissed some more.  He put his legs on my shoulders and the rubbing sensation on his hole and my cock brought us very close to climax.

I pulled back a little and watched him as he began to wank his cock, I knew he was close and within a few seconds he told me he was about to cum.  At the same time I began to wank too.  Almost simultaneously we both came - both of us shooting over his stomach long sticky ropes of cum.  I fell on top of him and we kissed some more.  Both of us breathlessly saying "wow, that was great".

While he went off to get showered I started to get dressed.  He slipped his shorts and shirt back on as I told him it was great and would love to do it again.  We exchanged numbers and said we'd be in touch.

I'm looking forward to it.


  1. You have had two closely spaced good chat room experiences now, Wow! Mind sharing with us what site you are using? I know it is Britain, but some are world wide. You just become this other lusty you when it all starts which is fantastic! And as it seems you are looking for a more repeat situation, good luck with this process...so far you are beating the odds and that must make you feel very good as well as desirable to others which is a big part of the game.

  2. Thanks for that. I think it's definitely more luck than anything else. As most of us know, you can be in a chat room for a year and find nothing and then boom boom in no time at all it all happens.

    But you are so totally right that these "encounters" definitely make you feel more desirable and it helps with the self esteem issues.