Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back to Basics - New Initiative

I suddenly felt that my last few posts were all sex related and thought I would at least have a post that went back to basics of what my original intent of blogging was about.

Life isn't too bad at the moment.  The wife is still working - which is a blessing - and it all seems to be going very well. 

My diet is not quite so good although tomorrow I'm going back to the dietitian for my monthly weigh-in.  Although I'm still being relatively good - I've had a few bad moments - tomorrow I'll know whether I've been good enough.  I'd love to have lost another 2 kilos but I am fearful that she's going to tell me that I've put weight on.  I don't weigh myself at home so haven't got a clue what to expect - although I'm not very optimistic.  Last time I was at the dietitian I said the same to her and I'd still lost weight and she very correctly said that it was my conscience speaking!!!  I'm still going out walking (although only once a week and it's a lot more walking than running - but I'm doing my best to keep it up).

The running around that I do everyday is still going on but with the month of August rapidly approaching and no school - I'm hoping that I'll have an easier month.  I'm also planning to take some time off work for child-minding reasons so I'm not too sure how much time I'll have to blog - but that doesn't mean I won't be doing what I can to keep updated with some really great blogs as well as writing my own.

I don't know whether it will be a success, but to add some interest to my blog I've decided to try something new.  If any of my readers (according to my stat counter I'm almost at 100,000 hits - so I guess someone is reading the blog) have any problems or something that they'd like to discuss openly - I'd like to act as a kind of Agony Uncle/Counsellor.  Therefore, if anyone has any issues, problems, difficulties or the like that they would be happy to share with me and my blog readers (anonymously of course) please send me an email to and I will do my best to answer and advise. 

I know that I have hits on my blog from an incredibly wide range of people from all over the world so I'm sure that there are plenty of people that have issues and problems that I could help with.

Looking forward to hearing from you and have a great week!

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