Thursday, 3 December 2009

Toe Sucking - The New Oral Sex!

I cannot lie - I enjoy sex. There are just so many variations, styles, permutations, options - there is literally something for everyone - from the regular man atop a woman missionary position to the man who likes to wear nappies and be whipped by a morbidly obese woman dressed as a nurse with a pierced labia and on to the woman who can't bring herself to orgasm unless she has a giant aubergine shoved up her arse. I don't think it matters what you do or how you like it as long as it's fun (and legal)!

One sexual encounter was fun.

I'd chatted a week earlier to a guy and we had tried to arrange a meet - alas it didn't work out and as is the case in these situations I had assumed it had all just fizzled out to nothing. Suddenly a week after our last conversation I get a call from the guy again - we shall call him Brad! Brad was obviously very horny and so was I - we were both available for the next couple of hours - so what the hell?

We arrange a meeting place and he picks me up- once we'd gotten over the initial embarrassment of meeting and not knowing what to say to each other - it was agreed that we'd go back to his place. We had a bit of a grope in the car and I could tell he was ready for anything and very willing.

He takes me inside and offers me a drink and we immediately make our way to the bedroom. He immediately puts his arms around me and we start kissing (I like kissing a lot). I'm not even sure how but before I know it we're both down to our undies - luckily that day I was wearing my CK boxers. He was in a regular pair of white boxers.

He was very smooth and about a 10 cm shorter than me but cute and nicely proportioned. Before I knew it, he was on his knees and had removed my boxers and I could feel his tongue on me - man he was good!! Luckily (for me) he was someone who really puts his heart and soul into giving a blow job - it was all mouth and no hands!! Next we were both naked and on his bed (the picture of his wife above the bed was a little off-putting - but I overcame the obstacle). I was on my back and he took my foot and I felt his warm, wet tongue on my toes. It was absolutely fantastic ... for all you people out there - I highly recommend it. It was the most fantastic feeling, I'm not sure I'd ever realised just how sexually sensitive my feet were.

He kept asking me what I wanted and I was just loving every minute of it. Unfortunately I was enjoying it so much I couldn't even think straight to tell him what I wanted - but dammit I wanted more toe sucking!

He had me on my stomach too having offered me a full body massage which I was only too happy to accept, gently massaging my shoulders - feeling his hands sliding down my back was a lot of fun - but I wanted more toe sucking. His generosity in doing that was second-to-none in terms of effort - he knew his work and he had found my weakness - which was pretty bloody astute of him - since I had only just discovered it myself.

We carried on kissing, hugging, sucking, licking, stroking and seemingly both enjoying ourselves - took the opportunity of putting myself inside him - it was good - and it was very clear that I was not his first!!! He took it well. I could also tell that he was coming to the end of what he could take (especially for our first meeting).

Just a few gentle hand motions and the final deep groan and he was cumming over himself - with the help of my tongue tickling him in just the right place. I knew he was good and he proved it when he wasn't prepared to end our fun without making sure I was going home satisfied too...

I was in his mouth - and it felt good - he knew exactly how to make me groan and he did it very well. Before I knew it, I was shooting in his mouth more and more. (I had warned him that I always do). When I was out of his mouth I was still shooting ... he was good!

We were both soon cleaned up and dressed and returning to our regular lives. There's something good about these meetings - the excitement, the adrenaline rush, the release, the being with someone who knows what they like and knows what you like too.

I actually quite hope we'll meet again. I definitely hope he liked my feet. Navy may be the new black, but toe sucking is definitely the new oral sex!

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