Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Losing my Virginity

Obviously I'm referring to my blogging virginity. I've actually thought about doing this for a long time and various events have occurred in my life that have definitely warranted the writing of a blog - but maybe it's a mixture of laziness, maybe a fear of being exposed or maybe a fear of not wanting to see the way I live my life written in black and white or maybe just pure laziness - but something has made me do it ... and here it is.

I'm not too sure even what to write which reminds me of a poem I once read on the London Underground many years ago but still sticks in my mind and might even be appropriate here, it goes something like this ...

I wanna be the leader!
I wanna be the leader!
Can I be the leader?
Can I? I can?
Yipee, I am the leader
OK, what shall we do?

There are a lot of things that I can write about but maybe I need time to get myself, getting used to actually writing down what I'm thinking and what I'm doing in my life - and some of it would surprise you, some would make you laugh, some would make you sad.

I guess losing your virginity changes lots of things, generally for the better - but it definitely changes things!

I just wanted to thank a good friend for actually getting me to do this. I hope he realises what a good friend he is!! You know who you are!

See you all again soon.

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  1. Losing your virginity is usually a momentous occasion, one that you remember the rest of your life (usually). And it sets the tone for the times that follow.
    I hope that you enjoyed losing your virginity, and that you'll write here a lot...