Thursday, 17 December 2009


I wasn't sure how long I'd have to wait but had planned to write something celebratory for the 100th view of my profile. Last time I looked at the counter I was on 90 and the following morning noticed I'm already on 140 - that was quick. I guess people are seeing and hopefully reading what I write (and thanks a lot for that) and now I need to think of a great way of thanking you all for helping me reach my first goal so quickly.

As a personal request - I'd love to read comments from you about what I'm writing - at least to know if I'm doing good, if it's boring or any other points you'd like to make about what I've said.

Today is one of those days when I'm horny. I've been spending a bit of time having a look at some of the other blogs that are on blogger and some of them are pretty damn good. There are plenty of blogs with pictures but a lot less of people actually writing down their thoughts and I haven't, as yet, found another blog in a similar vain to mine - which I had expected to find. If someone knows of one feel free to let me know the URL.

Yesterday's post about my first time made me think about some of the other sexual experiences I had all those years ago - some still so clear in my mind - I still get a hardon thinking about them.

One that sticks in my mind in particular, all started out quite innocently - but lead me to discover things that I honestly never knew existed.

I was about 17 at the time and one day was reading my local newspaper. The headline story on the front page was a raid that had taken place on a public toilet in the area frequented by gay men. I thought to myself - that's interesting and those poor men that may have gotten caught by the police. I keep reading the article and realise this toilet is about 45 seconds (yes seconds!!!) from my house. At the end of the road was a parade of shops and behind the shops was a small, one-way service road and some dingy flats and right in the corner was a public toilet. Looking back I think I'd always known it was there but had never paid any attention to it and certainly never thought that anything actually went on there.

After that revelation, several times I walked via the service road and never actually see anyone coming in or out of the toilets. One evening I was coming home from work. The bus stop where I got off the bus was exactly at the exit to the service road. I got off the bus and walked through the service road. I saw a man sitting in a white Ford Sierra (yeah, it was a long time ago) and noticed him looking at me. I was in a suit he was also smartly dressed. Our eyes locked and as I walked past the drivers side of the car I saw his hand grab his crotch.

I stopped walking and stood back a little and stared - he began rubbing his cock up and down over his trousers. I was unsure what to do both excited and nervous. The driver pulls down the car window and motions to me with his head to come nearer. He smiles and asks how I am. I reply that I'm good. My cock was already rock hard as I leaned in to the car more. I told him to "take it out" and he smiled nervously and said "what, here?" - I said "yes!" and he complied. I began to stroke his cock nervously and he suggested - "how about we go for a drive?"

I was way too nervous to get in the car with him and refused and he suggested that we could meet later. I said, OK and made a plan to meet in a different place in about 2 hours time (around 8.00pm).

I went home my mind racing, trying to decide if I have the courage to go and meet this guy. He was a older than me - probably late 30s but very, very sexy. What was I going to do? Should I go and meet him?


  1. Will update on Sunday and let you out of the suspense!!!

    Thanks for your comment...