Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nothing Changes

I'd been talking to a guy for a couple of weeks on MSN.  A friend of mine and I were trying to set up a threesome and we got in touch with this guy.  For the time being the threesome hasn't worked out due to all three of us working at different times, in different places and being generally unavailable (and two of us being married makes it a little harder too).  Thursday afternoon I'm chatting with this guy and he's very eager to meet.

What the hell?  It was quite late in the day around 1745 and he says he's on his way to where I work.  I wait for him where I say I'll wait and he turns up just on time.  I get into his car.  He's early 50s, well maintained, bald with a broad smile.  The first thing he asked me was whether I know of a quiet place to go.  I told him just to drive and we'd see what we could find.  Quite quickly we got over the initial embarrassment of what to ask and what to talk about.  Within a few minutes while still driving around, he had his hand on my leg, gently stroking it and then rubbing my crotch area.  I immediately reciprocated.

We drove around a little longer and eventually he found a quiet place where we could "be alone". He turned off the engine and looked at me and we began kissing.  He was very passionate and was obviously very pleased to be with me.

I enjoyed playing with his nipples and he seemed to enjoy it too.  I began opening his trousers and he immediately undid them and pulled both his trousers and black briefs down to his ankles.  I leaned over the handbrake (the bruise will soon disappear) and immediately took his cock in my mouth.  He enjoyed being sucked - he said he was almost always a top, but I have no doubt with a little bit of encouragement he can be persuaded to do anything (my kinda guy).  His cock was rock hard as we began kissing more - lots of hands all over the place sucking him, licking his soft, shaved balls too.  Before long his panting was becoming faster and deeper.  At this stage he was jerking himself fast while we were kissing then suddenly he calls out "I'm cumming!"  I sat back and watched him shoot his load over himself.  His face said it all and it was clear it had been a couple of days, at least, since he'd last cum.  He then looked me in the eye and said it was my turn.

I pulled down my trousers and underwear and began stroking - I was horny as hell and had been for a few weeks.  My cock was hard - but didn't want to cum over myself in the car (I had to get back to work).  We both step out of the car and he stands next to me - more kissing, he's playing with arse and then one deep gasp and I'm shooting like rocket.  He's a little shocked at how much but I needed it real bad.

We get back in the car and head back to our regular lives.

It wasn't the greatest but as the saying goes "needs must!"  I hope to be including him in a threesome real soon.  Details to follow.

It had definitely been a while since my last contact with a guy.  But as always, nothing changes!


  1. Mate,at least the drought was broken with all that raining of cum!broke mine!lol Hope the threesome eventuates for that will be a horny session for all of us to read about.

  2. I'm happy to help. Thanks for reading!