Sunday, 17 January 2010

Massage Message

It's very weird that since I started writing this blog some of the distant memories of people I've met and things I've done are suddenly surfacing after such a long time.

When I was at university I can't remember if I was looking to buy or sell a car but I'd bought a copy of LOOT (a free ads newspaper for buying and selling stuff) - I guess nowadays you'd use Ebay!  Anyway, I was looking through the paper and I suddenly stumble across a section for massages - personal services.  It's not that I was naive or anything, but guess I wasn't expected to see these kind of ads in a newspaper like this.

I don't know what it was about these ads, but I kept finding myself looking at them.  I notice the telephone number was local to where I went to university and it stayed in my head! 

This must have been going on for about 3 weeks - it was an advert for a guy who gives massages to other men - I don't know what it was about this ad, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.  One day, I get to university and the lecture I had come to hear had been cancelled and my next lecture wasn't for another few hours.  Hhhmmmm what shall I do with this spare time???

I called the number I had memorized.  It rang a few times and someone answered.  I asked how much a massage costs and when he is available.  He asked if I'd like to come over now?  I agreed and he gave me directions how to get there.  I was quite excited.  Another thing to tick off my "must give it a try" list.

I find the place without any problems and approach the door and ring on the bell.  I tall thin guy answers the door - he's dressed in a trackie bottoms and a white T-shirt.  He's about 40, not bad looking.  He directs me into his "lounge" which has a sofa, small television set and a massage table.  Long, thin red curtains at the window make the room seem much darker than it was with everything slightly tinged red.  I was quite nervous but there was something quite sexy about the ambiance of the setting.  I sit down on the sofa and he smiles at me and says "this your first time then?"  I tell him it is and he tells me to relax and enjoy myself.  He's just going into another room to get ready and in the meantime I should undress.  He leaves the room and I begin to take my clothes off.

Not sure of what to do I undress very slowly hoping he'll come back and he'll tell me what to do.  I'm now in just my undies and I'm not sure if to remove them or not.  Just at that point, he walks back into the room

He's completely naked other than a pair of white socks.  He smiles at me again and tells me to take everything off and get onto the massage table.  I strip naked and climb onto the table - he asks where I'd like to start and I roll onto my stomach. 

He asks if he can use oils (telling me I can shower after the massage) and I agree.  As I lay on my stomach - television is directly in front of my face and he puts on a gay porn video to add to the atmosphere.  I'm beginning to relax and enjoy myself.  He points out the certificates on the wall that he's a qualified masseur.  He's working on my feet and calf muscles.  It feels good.  He definitely knows what he's doing.

He begins working his way up my legs - reaching my buttocks.  I can feel I'm all oiled up  he somehow slides his arm between my cheeks - it feels fantastic - using each arm sliding up my but cheeks, my inner thighs, touching my balls gently.  WOW, it's feeling better and better. 

He's now on my lower back - working his way upwards.  Massaging each back muscles slowly and deeply.  He's now standing directly in front of my face as I lay down - my face level with his cock - which I can see is semi-hard.  Since he's been massaging me I haven't seen him (I was on my stomach and he was working at the other end of me!).  As he leans over me his cock is right in my face.  I can't stop myself and I take his cock and put it in my mouth.  I ask him if it's OK - and he says "go for it".  I can taste the oil on his cock, I realise he's been rubbing his cock while massaging me.  His cock getting harder and harder in my mouth.  My cock getting harder too.

He asks me if I'd like him to finish me off and I smile and say yes.  He rolls me onto my back.  My cock is now rock hard and his oiled hands begin to slide up and down my shaft.  I'm already feeling totally relaxed and at ease with him.  His cock is now rock hard too as he continues to jerk my cock.  He really is an expert with his hands.  Within a minute or two I begin twitching slightly as my cock explodes shooting ropes of cum over myself.  I look at him and he has a wry smile on his face.  I just lay on the massage table totally chilled and feeling good.

The masseur hands me a towel and directs me to where I can take a shower.  It's not an easy job cleaning off massage oil and cum.  I hear the guy on the phone making another appointment for a massage.  That familiar feeling of needing to get out of that place overtaking me.  I finish the shower and get dressed quickly.  Pay my money and thank the guy very much.

It was fun, but not something I've repeated since.  But I do highly recommend it! 

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