Monday, 4 January 2010

Weird Shit

I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me that life needs to be fun.  As part of that fun having new experiences, trying new things are an integral part of that fun.  Some of the experiences are good, others perhaps less.

One of my weirder experiences involved a dalliance into the world of - what is normally referred to as BDSM.  I'd met a guy on a "hook-up" website.  We were both English speakers and began chatting quite a lot.  He was a lot older than me - in his late 50s - divorced and totally dedicated to the art of BDSM.  According to his profile he was a very active top, but his true love is being a bottom and he was happy to have met me and was happy to let me top when we meet.  He'd sent me several videos and pictures with detailed explanations of what he likes and how he likes it.

I think often people have the idea that the people into this kind of thing are wild savages.  The guy I met was very "professional" and understanding.  Respect was his number 1 priority and was actually a really nice guy.

He considers his fascination with BDSM almost as an artform.  I arrived at his top floor apartment and he answered the door wearing army combat trousers and boots and a leather harness.  He was shorter than me, thin and bald with a hairy chest and stomach.  I imagine when he was a lot younger he must have been quite good looking.

The whole feeling was quite bizarre.  He made me coffee and we sat down in his living room-come-dungeon.  He had all his equipment laid out and he was happy to explain what everything was.  There was a selection of leather and latex masks, whips, chains, ropes, handcuffs, restraints, clothes pegs, various dildos and butt plugs.  There were also belts, harnesses, sticks, things that vibrated and other things that inflated.  He had also prepared boxes of condoms and lubricants.  In terms of 'furniture' in the room, there was a massage table set up in the middle of the room and a "rimming chair" he had made himself (god only knows what from and how!!).

Nothing was more important to him than mutual respect, safety and hygiene.

I wasn't too sure how to proceed so found myself chatting and chain-smoking and drinking coffee.  He wasn't really the type of guy I'm really into but on the other hand I wanted the experience.  I decided to wait for him to make the first move.  That came sooner than I expected - he put down his coffee and stood in front of me and said "I don't know about you but I'm gonna get undressed!".  He then stood in front of me and begin to remove his boots and take down his combats.  He was no standing in front of me in just his leather harness and a pair of briefs.  He lowered his head and quietly said "I'm all yours, sir!".  He had already told me that he was going to be a bottom, but that I shouldn't expect an easy ride and he was not going to submit easily and would put up a fight.

I stood up in front of him and felt as though I towered over him.  I ran my hands over his body and I began to undress.  Once naked I put him on his knees and he began to suck my cock.  The whole experience was weird yet surprisingly sexy and my cock was hard.  I began to fuck his mouth roughly and although he tried to resist he submitted and did as he was told.  I pushed him into the doggy position and removed a black rubber dildo from his table and made him suck on that too.  Then I went round behind him and despite his protests began to fuck him with the dildo he had so diligently sucked.  He moved from side to side resisting and new he had to be restrained.  I brought a "cat-o-nine-tails" whip from the table and began to whip his arse.  He jumped each time - then placing a butt plug inside him - I began to whip his arse until it got read.  I help him tight and wanted to hear him beg.  While the butt plug was inside him I had him suck my cock some more.

One thing he had told me he particularly enjoys is forced smoking, which basically is forcibly inhaling the smoke from another guy's cigarette.  Personally, I was like - what the fuck - but it was something he wanted - so I lit another cigarette and held him tight while I exhaled the cigarette down his throat.  I totally wasn't ready to start choking and suffocating him, so took a wide berth from all that side of things.

I felt a pressure to constantly think of something new to do with him, both to keep it fun and interesting.  It was very difficult.  I began to find myself thinking more about what am I going to do next rather than actually enjoying the experience.  Should I use the handcuffs?  Then what?  Maybe tie him up?  Maybe smoke more?  Maybe I should whip him more?  It was endless - and to be quite honest after about 30 minutes I was bloody exhausted - physically and mentally.

I had him suck me some more until I could feel I was about to cum before shooting my load over his face.  As I was cumming I had allowed him too to jerk until he came over himself at the same time.  It was all over.

It had definitely been an experience albeit a rather tiring experience.  We remained in contact for quite a while after that and even popped round to him a couple of times for a coffee and chat.  We were never physical after that.  I had decided that although fun, BDSM wasn't for me. 

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