Sunday, 3 January 2010

Here's to a New Year!

This is my first post of a new decade.  The first day of my second month of blogging and I must say I'm quite enjoying it.  I've had some great feedback from people and it's great to know that others are reading what I'm writing.

One administrative question I would appreciate an answer to - how do you follow a blog if you don't have the "Follow" button in the top left-hand corner?

I'm sitting here and thinking how weird it is that I have no idea what is waiting for me in the coming year.  Obviously it's the same for most people but for someone in my situation you who has an "added dimension" to his life I wonder who I'll meet.  Perhaps I will find the married man of my dreams who I so long to find for us to share things together - both of us in the same situation, dealing with the same emotions and problems and thoughts.  Just from my first month of blogging it's been interesting to see other guys in the same situation as me writing about the same things - no matter where in the world we are or what our status or age is.

The last guy I thought was "the one" was amazing.  We're still kind of in touch but we haven't been physical for a long time.  He (we'll call him Simon) was tall, bald, had a small goaty and in my eyes was simply beautiful.  We'd met on a dating site.  He was also married.  We arranged to meet on the same day and we just went for a drive and chatted a little.  It turns out we're both originally from the same place and there was an immediate connection between us.  We just met and chatted a while.  We planned to meet each other the next day and go to the beach together.

We spoke in the morning and organized where we'd meet.  It was a hot summer's day.  We spoke on the phone as I drove to him - Simon had already arrived and was directing me how to get there - he had saved me a parking space.  I arrived at the destination and parked my car.  I went over to his car and he got out.  He was tall and his long, tanned, hairy legs looked fantastic in his very short shorts.  He was also wearing a white vest and a baseball cap.

We headed towards the beach and we were chatting happily.  We walked along the sea front away from the crowds and we walked further and further.  I was desperate to put my hands on him.  He had bought a large beach mat with him and drink (I was a lot less prepared than him!).

We found a quiet spot far from anyone.  Simon laid down the mat and we sit close to each other face to face.  I immediately began gently stroking his leg all the way from the ankle up to his thigh.  He leaned in towards me and we began kissing.  It was very romantic.  In the hot sun on the beach, the sea in front of us nobody around.  It was very relaxing.  He took off his shirt to reveal a tanned, toned and masculine physique.  I was so attracted to him and couldn't stop myself from touching him.  He laid down on the mat and I could see the huge bulge in his shorts.  I pulled them down slowly to reveal an enormous, thick hard cock.  He had told me he was "well equipped" but I wasn't expecting that!  I put his cock in my mouth and let his cock slide down inside me.  His cock was big, straight - perfectly formed.

In the distance we could see a couple walking towards us so we stopped.  They got about half way to us before stopping and turning around and we carried on.  His kisses were amazing, his body so inviting I couldn't keep my hands off.  I began to suck him some more.  I could tell he was enjoying it.  Again we notice someone walking in our direction and we stop again , waiting until he passes.

Simon says wait here.  I stare at his body as he walks towards an opening in the cliffs behind us.  He climbs up and motions to me to come.  He says that we won't be disturbed here.  I immediately get down on my knees.  His beautiful body enticing me to pleasure him.  I pull his shorts right down.  His hard cock is poking out the top of his black tanga briefs.  I pull them down slowly - releasing his big cock. 

I place my hands on his tight arse and begin sucking his cock.  Knowing we're hidden in the cliff, nobody to disturb us - I take his thick, long cock right to the back of my throat.  My hands on his tight arse - massaging the cheeks as he gently begins to fuck my mouth.  He's making a lot of noise - indicating to me that he's enjoying himself.  His breathing getting deeper, harder and faster. 

I know he's close - he grabs my head and I feel his thick hot cum shooting into my mouth.  His body shaking as he orgasms groaning with delight as I suck every last drop of cum from his huge cock.  I stand up and kiss him and we hold each other tight neither of us able to let go of the other.  He keeps saying "wow, wow" and I look at him and we laugh.

We go back to where our things are on the beach.  Talking all the time.  No moments of awkwardness between us.  We walk back to our cars, both of us still very happy - talking honestly and openly with each other.

We were together for about 3 months, but work commitments, family commitments and scheduling meant we couldn't arrange to meet and we drifted apart.  Just seeing his name pop up on my telephone still makes me go weak - there isa connection between us that drives me crazy.

Who knows what surprises, twists and turns will turn up this year!!

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