Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stop. Period.

Now that I'm kind of documenting my life and although this is only my second month of blogging - I think I'm already beginning to see a pattern.  I've read articles that although men don't have menstrual cycles, they do have monthly cycles.  Looking back over last months post around the same time last month I was also pretty down as I am at the moment.  Other than the regular worries that I have together with the whole world - relationship, money, work worries etc... I can't put my finger on what it is that is making me feel like crap.

Was chatting with flirty office guy he also said he was feeling sad at the moment and for no reason we sometimes wake up feeling sad.  Was hoping he'd say it's because he's having confusing feelings (about me) and would love to put his head on my shoulder and have a cry while I hug him, but he didn't!

In our office, being rather spoiled IT personnel, we have fruit cut up for us after lunch and placed in the office kitchen for us.  Flirty office guy has started a new "custom" of putting some red grapefruit (my favourite) on a plate and leaving some on my desk (with a napkin) for when I get back from lunch!  How sweet is that???

Sometimes I don't think I should be sad - I know there are people in situations much worse than mine - but I guess like everyone else - sometimes we just get sad, depressed and down.  For some it takes nothing more than some warm words and a gentle hug from the right person to pull you out of the depression.  For others it takes a lot more.

I am normally and consider myself to be a happy person.  I am also very determined to make myself happy in whatever way I can.  I hope I haven't depressed anyone with this post, just wanted to post how I'm feeling.  Maybe it's not a period that I'm having again, maybe it's more than that - maybe it's less.  But just as I did last month and the month before, I'll be fine.

A good shag should sort this all out.


Probably staying later than usual tonight in the office (I think Flirty office guy is staying late too!!).

Fingers crossed the pictures below will add to the ambience - a boy can dream - they will hopefully lighten the mood slightly too.

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  1. HAHA! I was just in that '69' position over the holidays! Such fun!!