Thursday, 14 January 2010


Everybody likes something different.  Some men like to be tops, others bottoms - some like to be throttled and have smoke forcibly blown in their face while others like to dress up as a woman wearing high heels having a dildo inserted up their bum!

One of the most common and preliminary questions that I'm always asked whether in a chat room or in a dating website is "what do you like?".  I'm never quite sure what to answer.  There is in fact, for me, no simple answer.  What I like can very depend on my mood.  In general I like to be more active and more in charge of things.  More often than not, this is mistaken to assume I'm a dominant master who is looking for a passive sex slave.  On the other hand, I enjoy sucking a cock and lots of touching and kissing and general body contact.

In my own warped mind - I often consider being the guy who sucks as being in more control than the guy being sucked, after all, his most important and delicate organ is inside my mouth with 20+ well maintained sharp teeth being able to chop it off in fraction of a second!

I once chatted extensively with a married guy (we shall call him A) who was totally submissive.  He explained to me in great detail how for him, being submissive to another man, swallowing his cum, being fucked aggressively and being subservient to him was the greatest turn-on for him.  Having been together for over two years, A discovered his dominant "boyfriend" (B) was being unfaithful to him.  A hated the idea that his boyfriend whom he loved a lot was being unfaithful to him with (C).  So instead of ending the relationship - A allowed B to bring C into their relationship upon which A was being fucked by A and B!  To add to the humiliation A was suffering, B & C spoke a language which A didn't understand - so when they would meet up together, A didn't even know what B & C were talking about and would only know what was going on when he was bundled into the bedroom or was forced to bend over etc... 

At first, I was horrified that he could allow himself to be treated in such a way.  But after a lot of explanations from A, I understood that for him - that was what he liked.  Particularly for married guys, as I've said before, we need the escape from our mundane lives into the gay world.  When we make that escape we want to enjoy ourselves and that was how he enjoyed himself.

I began to understand that the same pleasure and excitement that I get from being more dominant with guys is the same pleasure and excitement that my partner receives being submissive to my dominance.

I guess the important things is that everybody does what they enjoy most and that it's fun for everyone - after all, in my opinion, sex needs to be fun!

Sex doesn't necessarily have to be slow and last for hours.  Sometimes sex can be rushed, in a dangerous place and with an unsavory partner, but at the end of the day it must be fun and enjoyable to everyone involved.

So go out and enjoy yourselves, and be safe!


Forgot to mention - last night's staying late was a wash out.  Flirty office guy ended up leaving early!!!  Ahh well, he did leave me some more red grapefruit today - but I didn't get an opportunity to look at his pair! 

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