Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Sexual Chemistry

I wrote previously about a guy in my office in the post secrets-lies-and-maybe.  Since that post nothing has changed but there is still an enormous amount of sexual tension between us.  I know I can sometimes get carried away - assuming that all married men are like me - but there is something about the chemistry between us when we're together that just doesn't seem "normal".

We shake hands in the morning when he arrives at work (he's almost always arrives later than me and always pays a visit to my office before making his morning coffee) and hold each other's hands for just half a second longer than would be considered normal.  He sat next to me at my desk to show me something on the computer and we just seemed too close - there was distinct physical contact between us. 

Often jokingly, he always says that I can "suck his cock" and we were discussing our nipples the other day too.  He even felt my at the beginning of the week to see how smooth my skin was after I had shaved!!!

Maybe I'm imagining it, maybe not.  Me, him and another friend are planning on going out next week for an evening - maybe something will happen.  Maybe we'll talk freely about things.  He doesn't have a car so depending on where we are going out (probably a bar or restaurant) I may offer to take him home. 

He's only been married about 6 months.  He's about 175, bald, slim and light skinned and works out regularly.  He's not incredibly beautiful - but there is something very special and masculine about him and I enjoy being around him.  His frequent visits into my office are always enjoyable - sometimes he's on his mobile phone and if nobody else is sitting in my office with me, he'll come in sit down and carry on his phone conversation.

I may very well be reading too much into his behaviour - but who knows?   A couple of weeks ago we were in the lift together and I am almost positive he was making a move towards me and at the last second suddenly moved away - was I imagining it?  Perhaps I am willing something that isn't existing to be there.

I can't wait for the moment when something does happen.  I've been imagining (or fantasising) about how it would happen.  One moment I'm thinking we'll be sitting next to each other and our eyes will lock and we'll move in and just start kissing each other.  But then I'm thinking he'll put his hand on my leg and not remove it and I'll feel it slowly sliding up my thigh towards my cock.

I keep thinking about the possibility (and obviously the difficulties) of having an affair with this guy.  Sending each other dirty emails.  Sending him a message and meeting him in the bathroom.  Even having a shower with him in the office (yes, we have a shower room!).  I'm quite excited by the prospect of it happening although I understand the chances of it happening being very limited, if existent at all.

Obviously, I will keep you posted!

But wish me luck and any advice, comments, warnings would all be very appreciated. 

Has anyone been in a similar situation?  Did anybody act upon the suspicions?  Any missed opportunities?


  1. My best suggestion is NOT using the company/in-house email to send any messages...they don't belong to you privately and can be pulled at any time! Use cell phones to text/email.

    Keep us up to date.

  2. Generally, if we chat we use IMs on Skype for that kind of thing.

    Just before we were joking around and he told me to suck his cock - I said sure why not ... then he said I should bring cream so it'll taste nice. If only he knew how serious I was about it!!!!

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hum..........not only are you married but so is he. I know the one thing my wife told me after everything came out.......she said never ever fool around with a married guy. You have the right to do with your marriage what you will but you should consider the other guys "wife" and stay away.

    I was married for over 30 years......I tried valiently to be faithful, but once the kids finished college and we were the only ones at home the craziness of it all got to be to much. I don't know if you're seeing a shrink or not.....but if you're not I would strongly advice that you consider it.

  4. Hard to say - but generally I don't think straight guys go around saying "you can suck my cock" to other guys.

    I think he's testing the waters. Sounds like he's heavily flirtatious. How do you respond? Try flirting back (if you haven't). Tell him he can suck your cock. If he freaks out, tell him you were just joking.

    At my stage in life, if someone I was into was sending me those signals - I'd be in his pants.

  5. I'm more inclined to go with NewLeaf's comment rather than manxxman's - I don't think I need therapy (not yet, at least!). I think his actions are a little more than would be considered "normal". I would just love to be in his pants hahahaha. Sometimes the flirting between us is quite outrageous and when he says I should suck his cock - I always say something like "just name the time and the place!"

  6. Well I think when the booze starts to flow, you will find out how serious he is. I think he would go for it.

    BUT, be prepared to be avoided or ignored by him afterwards. Chances are he's never done this before and he will feel guilty about it.

  7. That's the problem - I wouldn't want to get it wrong and lose him as a friend and god knows what else I could lose as a result of being wrong!!!

    Maybe he thinks I've never done it before either.

    Just yesterday he was looking at something on my computer and stood behind me - he was touching my shoulder with his leg - I swear it wasn't "right" but maybe I'm just searching for things that don't really exist.


    Thanks for your comment!