Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A New Start

Well got back from the doctors and all is fine.  The doctor's surgery is in the basement of her very large and very new house.  There was a very good looking guy sitting in the reception area as I walked in and hoped he would jump on me and lick my face (or at the very least smile at me and give me his number) alas - neither happened!

I explained to the doctor everything and she is very sympathetic.  She was the doctor who took my symptoms seriously when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I have read many stories of doctors who have misdiagnosed or ignored signs of the illness - so I really trust her judgment when treating me!  She definitely said that I needed to lose weight but unfortunately she didn't want to give me any diet pills (damn it) but instead referred me to a dietitian.  She believes the best way for me to lose weight is sensible eating and exercise (who's ever heard of such a thing!?!) so no drugs there.

She did give me a prescription for a drug that should calm me down.  She told me to take it for a month and to see if it has any effect, if not, she'll try something else - she mentioned Prozac even, but I don't think my situation is that bad to warrant me taking pills like that.  Let's hope what she gave me works a little. 

I know that taking a pill isn't going to repair my financial situation, but I hope at least it will help me calm down and relax a little and to be able to take things in my stride.

I am still unimaginably horny, to the point where I can be really dirty and slutty - which on the one hand is good but ....  I have a profile on a dating/hook up site but nobody even bothers to look at that anymore (how sad!).  I hope something comes up soon - it's quite amazing what a big difference the touch of a man can have on my mood.  If I have the chance I may try and flirt outrageously with Flirty office guy - I'm desperate!

I'm wearing Ralph Lauren Polo aftershave today, the smell is so good.  I really recommend it.  I have lots of aftershaves and never use them, just recently I've started using them again and at the moment this is definitely my favourite, followed very closely by Rochas man!

Thanks to all who commented and have a great day.  I'm feeling quite upbeat today, happy that the doctor took me seriously and hopefully I'm about to make a new start. 

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  1. The guy could have at least given you a smile!and that indeed would have made you feel less stressed? going in to see your Doc.Just like my doc said to me It has to be up to me...walk walk and have I heard of the gym? and I look at him!!! there's no buffed body under that shirt of as he gives out this advise about joining a gym and walking?..but I still like him. Keep the flirting going on the the flirty office guy...sounds like he's a tease that one.