Sunday, 24 January 2010

Pretentious Wankers

Well my weekend is over and I actually had quite a good weekend.  Didn't do anything particularly special but I definitely think the tablets are making a difference.  If nothing else, I'm sleeping much better which in turn allows me to wake up at a more normal hour - feeling much happier and less frustrated!  I love chemicals!!!

As I've said before, I know that until things start changing around me my situation isn't going to change, but I'm sure the tablets are helping me see things more clearly and calmly - which can only be a good thing.

My wife said some things at the weekend which also cheered me up a bit - just things that I'd wanted to hear from her for a long time.  It's gonna take a while but things are way more positive than they have been.

On Saturday I took my daughter to a birthday party in a very expensive part of town.  It was full of people my age the majority of which simply had very wealthy parents allowing them to live where they live. 

Just observing these people made me realise that being poor definitely has its benefits.  Having managed to park my very ordinary (but new!) saloon car among a sea of jeeps I was confronted by a gaggle of cloned and fake-tanned women with their peroxide blond hair carrying Chanel or Prada hand bags.  Naturally they were all tottering around on expensive and vertiginous high heels.  Even one of the birthday girls' mothers had removed her shoes since was simply unable to walk in them. 

The husbands all seemed to be suffering from the same visual impairment as none of them were able to remove their designer sunglasses, even though we were inside.

Although some of the men there were irritatingly good looking, it proved that it doesn't matter how stylish these people might think they are, how much money their parents may be putting into their bank accounts each month or how expensive their clothes are - money might allow you a good life, it might help you sleep at night but it simply cannot buy class.

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