Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Although I'm aware that some of my posts are a little repetitious and even boring I do spend a fair bit of time thinking about what I'm going to write.  I write for a living so it's always very important for me to write (to my own standards of course) clearly and correctly.

I also probably spend way too much of my day reading lots (and lots) of other blogs.  Since I'm still new to blogging I still find it all quite exciting/interesting to having a look into the minds and lives of other men.  Whether it be the teenage school kids coming to terms with their sexuality, the confused, single, college guys that want to change the way they feel about men all the way through to the hardcore bareback fuckers and of course the married guys and their double-lives or confused lives.

I'm totally one for live and let live.  Everyone should live the best way they can and I'm sure I've said it before everyone should be happy.  I can't deny that sometimes I am quite shocked by the way other people live (despite what a lot of people will say - my life is pretty straightforward - to me, at least) sometimes even a little scared at how reckless or carefree people can be.  But if it makes them happy then I say go for it.

My last post and some of the comments I've left on other blogs have raised a few eyebrows (to say the least).  I have not intended in any way to be judgmental or controversial and if anyone has taken what I've written the wrong way then I apologise.  I do think that a lot of people, me included, sometimes perhaps take unnecessary risks and do things that other's wouldn't do.

I have been told that the way I live my life is "dangerous" and at some point I will be "caught" or "found out".  I'm not so sure that I agree.  I have always said that I am very disciplined when it comes to my gay lifestyle and I really mean it.  I have turned down many possible great opportunities because I have not been prepared to risk what I have.  No matter what situation I may be in, whether having a naked gay massage, visiting a gay sauna or fucking a guy behind a tree in a public park, I am always aware of where I am, what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with.  Obviously, nothing and nobody is certain but as long as you're careful and sensible - even when you're horny and your dick is rock hard, I think I can live my life fully.


On a brighter note, Flirty office guy is back from his holidays tomorrow - I shall put on extra aftershave and I'm expecting a big hug from him when we get in the office tomorrow.

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