Monday, 18 January 2010

Quiet Day

There are some days when I have so much to write about I have to cut down what to say in order that my posts don't become rambling nonsense and other days when things are very quiet.  Today is a very quiet day.

Maybe this is what is mean by writer's block.

There is still nothing new with Flirty office guy (unfortunately) - there is a lot of "erotica" going on between us - but still no real news.  Yesterday I showed him I was wearing my Calvin Klein underwear (alas I don't look like a CK model) - and he showed me he was wearing "cheap" orange undies - I couldn't tell if they were boxer-briefs or tanga briefs - but it was nice to know. 

Today, we were sending each other messages in the office on Skype, I thanked him for leaving me my daily red grapefruit and it got very sexual (I also gave him a very exaggerated hug too) - to the point where he said we should meet in the toilets because he wanted to suck my nipples all day long (so I told him mine were big and juicy) and he said I could lick his arse.  Unfortunately, just words and no actions...but as always I remain optimistic and positive that one day it will turn from fantasy into reality.  Please keep your fingers crossed!!!

I am so horny at the moment but everyone is busy - sometimes I don't understand why people work so hard.  It's pouring with rain at the moment and getting quite cold - just the weather to be under a warm duvet with a nice naked man to wrap around so we can keep each other warm.

Have a great week and hope to report back soon with lots of exciting news.



  1. hey..if youd liike I can add you blog to mine..I just prefer comments not have links attached..

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  2. I don't have a clue what you mean. But sure, go ahead and no more links.