Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Waiting and Waiting Some More..

I am an incredibly patient person.  I admit that I am less patient than I used to be - but still a very patient man.  I seem to find myself spending large portions of my life waiting.  Yes, waiting.  Waiting for answers at work regarding work I've done.  Waiting for my wife to pick me up.  Waiting for a reply to an email I sent.  Waiting for a reply to a message sent on a dating website.  Waiting to see if the guy I arranged to meet turns up.

Today, for example, the wife left home very early this morning to go to the gym - she calls me at 7.30am to tell me she'll be a little held up because she wants to go to a shop near the gym to buy something - the shop opens at 9.00am.  OK, I'm waiting for her to bring me the car - but I'm patient.  At 9.15am she calls me to say she's on the way to the shop with a friend!  At 9.30am she calls me to check on the Internet what time the shop opens because it's shut.  I enquire, call another branch, return to my wife to tell her the shop only opens at 10.00am.  She waits.  At 10.15am she calls me to say - they haven't got what she wanted and is on her way home.  At 10.50am she calls me to tell me she's stuck in traffic.  Hurrah, at 11.15 she arrives home!!!  Now that is how to be patient.

So I get to work  But I have to be back home at 1.15pm to drop my wife off for a very important job interview - please keep your fingers crossed!!!  I must then go back to work for another 3½ hours then leave again to collect my daughter.  Wait (of course) for my wife to finish her interview and then pick her up.

In the meantime I received an email from a guy I like (a lot) and had planned to meet - he's been rushed off to emergency meetings in France - I'm waiting for him to get back.

So much running around and I'm so horny at the moment but have no outlet for it.  I've been having some crazy fantasies lately about things I'd like to do (and who I'd like to do them with) including flirty office guy and a couple of other guys I'm friends with.

From experience, most fantasies are best left as fantasies - but there's certainly no harm in trying to recreate fantasies to a certain extent.  Recently, my latest fantasy has involved water sports.  I haven't had much experience with it but what I have had has been quite fun.  It all started very unexpected on a visit to a local sauna near to where I used to work.

I'd hooked up with a guy and we were in our little cubicle together.  Things were good - it was dark but he was pretty smooth, slim and had a nice sized cock.  We were both very much into the kissing and touching.  There was lots of mutual sucking and fingering etc...  Suddenly, the guy stops and pulls me close and tells me that he needs to pee.  I guess at the time I was pretty naive (or just stupid).  At first I thought it was possibly an excuse because he wanted to leave - maybe he wasn't enjoying as much as I'd thought he was.  I was wrong.

So I said that's cool - I said I'd wait here while he goes upstairs to the toilet.  It was dark but I could tell he was shrugging his shoulders.  Weird, I thought.  He pulls me close again and says he really needs to pee.  I thought perhaps he didn't hear me the first time and I said to him "go, I'll wait for you."  He must have realised my naivety and asks "how about I do it here?".  My immediate thought was "bollocks, he's gonna make my towel wet peeing in the corner."

Then, the penny drops!!!  Now I get it.  How stupid could I have been!  I pull him close to me this time and I say "go for it".  I make it clear I don't want it on my face or mouth.  The next thing I know - I'm on my back and he's straddled on top of me and there it is.  I feel his hot pee landing on my chest and stomach.  Fuck - I'm actually touching / feeling / smelling another guys pee on me and fuck it's sexy.  I sit up and as he stops peeing - we being kissing hard - he pulls himself close to me - both of us sliding and slipping over each other from his pee.  It made me so fucking horny. 

This time, I take hold of his cock - my finger just touching the end of his cock on his pee-hole and I feel his hot piss shooting out of his cock onto me - cascading down my body.  He pushes me down on my back and lies on top of me - sliding over my body - both of us wet.  The mattress also wet - forming small puddles of piss.  This goes on for another few minutes - until he has emptied his bladder. 

This has to be one of the ultimate acts of intimacy between two people.  It was great.  He wanted me to piss on him too, but I think I was too caught up in the moment to do it (although I tried).  Feeling and smelling this guy on me was a fantastic experience particularly in the dark, sexy, anonymous atmosphere of the sauna.

We finished and I headed to the showers.  Shocked and totally excited by what I had done - leaving me with the feeling that I want to do it again.  But it's not the sort of thing that everyone is into and obviously you must be in the right place, with the right guy at the right time - would love to do it again.

I know that lots of people are disgusted by the thought of water sports / golden showers - but when done properly - the idea of holding another guy's cock while he pisses is truly exciting and for me, incredibly sexy.

Of course, I'm still waiting for the chance to do it again.

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