Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Unaccustomed as I am to blogging twice in one day, I just wanted to mention that I have added a new view counter to my blog.  I am slowly but surely becoming more and more "blog savvy".  It is just interesting for me to see how many people look at my blog on a daily/weekly basis. 

I wasn't quite sure at which number to begin the counter - so I set it based on the number of views my profile has received so far (3200) - obviously I hope it's actually much higher than that.

Thanks again to everyone who reads, enjoys and comments on this blog.  I'm happy to receive any suggestions or emails from you all about what you like to see and read here or any personal comments you'd like to make.

Have a great day!


  1. Very cool, welcome to savvying up....your blog, always enjoy reading your adventures.


  2. Thanks so much.

    Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is OK.


  3. I just discovered your site thanks to Scott’s putting you on his blog today. I like it immensely. I, like you, just started a blog recently out of some compulsion to put things out and see if it helped me clarify myself, and maybe get some comments from others. Already I have gotten a rush from doing it and simultaneously felt it is the craziest and most dangerous thing I have done in my married life! I had sporadically cruised the net and found a few Bi men resource enters with men’s stories, a lot of porn, and no one talking about what this feels like inside on a blog. In just the one week since I ventured out there I found Scott at TheGayestStr8Guy, and BiLikeMe. Scott has almost 400,000 hits since he started this January. With no BiLikeMe has 240,000 since last August. Seems like there are more men like us than we realized also looking for some soulful answers or connections. ….and I think it is not all about the hot pictures or the randy action part of the writing. Given the way Google works it is totally random to even find sites. I will put you as a link on my site.

    One question to you: You are more clear than I am or the others I follow that you are Gay but in a marriage, not BI. How do you know?

  4. Thanks so much for your comment. This is such an exciting feeling - lots of new readers and more comments. I'll take advice from others regarding how to deal with all the answering comments etc.

    This is giving me some great ideas for more blog posts. I'm a little rushed for time today. So I promise tomorrow to write a mega post.

    Regarding your question - to answer it briefly. There is a long running issue between gay/bi men as to whether bi-sexuality exists or whether it's just a label for straight men who don't want to say that they are gay.

    Without turning my blog into a war zone. My personal opinion is that if you like sucking a guys cock or having a guy suck your cock etc... then you're gay (even if you're married). It's all a matter of how much you want to analyze the issue of labels and how much you want to get hung up on what you call yourself.

    As far as I'm concerned - as long as you're happy and a nice person and not hurting anyone else - does it really matter if you're gay, bi, straight or anything else?

  5. Just started reading today thanks to Scott. I enjoyed going back and catching up on your blog. It helps knowing there are other married men out there like me who are interested and spending time with other men.

  6. I have always had that same opinion as you Lion Queen in regards to once we have had sex with a man we are gay!if we have to label it?? that's it in a nutshell end of story throw out all the other labels and enjoy the phyicality of being with a man without beating oneself up for the pleasure of great sex with a man because we are who we are sexual men.