Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Importance of Being Employed

Well I'm hoping that today is the start of a whole new change of direction for me and my family.  My wife started her new job today.  I really hope for her (and me) that this works out well.  She's had pretty bad luck with lots of jobs that she's held.  She's had some really crazy bosses.  So far, this new company seems good.  The people she says, so far, are nice and she's doing what she's been trained to do and I'm sure she'll be good at it.

The implications for us as a family now that my wife is working are immense.  Obviously, the financial side of things is great.  We've been in a lot of financial shit for such a long time, it will be great to have an extra income in the family.  But in my opinion that is just a small part of the importance of working.  She is, at long last (it's been more than a year since she walked out on her last job), using her brain again.  Hopefully, not worrying about stupid little things because of a lack of interest in other things and she will be dealing with more important and more interesting issues.

Working adds structure to your life - whether you like it or not.  It gives you the opportunity to know that you must get up in the morning get dressed and to be doing something useful (although sometimes boring) with yourself and your life.

Also, the social aspect of working is no less important.  Working with like-minded people, with similar qualifications, meeting new and possibly interesting people too.  Hopefully though, nobody as interesting as Flirty office guy.  He came into the office over the weekend and he called me on to see if I was coming in too.  Of course I was.  I even left earlier than I had planned to and in a completely opposite direction so that I could give him a lift home too.  At so many points along the 20-30 minute journey I wanted so move my hand over and put it on his leg...but I didn't.  He invited me to go to his place (I think his wife was in) or we could have gone out for "ice cream" but I declined.

The (imaginary) chase goes on.  Maybe we'll be together one day.  Maybe we're just friends.  In the meantime we're definitely friends and I'm happy with that too.  I think Flirty office guy is a genuinely really nice guy. 

But I still wouldn't say no to getting to know him a little better.  Who knows???


  1. Hey, thats good news for your wife in getting the new job and her income sure will make life a little easier for you both.. gee what's it going to take to get that flirtyofficeguy into bed to have some M2M action..I am already picturing all the horny action.. good to see you smiling with happiness at long last mate.!

  2. Congrats on your wife's new job.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that flirty office guy will make a move.