Sunday, 28 March 2010

News and Views

Well I haven't been around the last few days so haven't had the time or the opportunity to post anything.  Yesterday, I wasn't alone in the office so was unable to post anything - although I think it would be also a little inappropriate (haha!).  It's strange because when I don't have the opportunity to blog I have loads of ideas in my head about what I want to blog about and then when I have the time to sit down and write, I can never remember any of the things I wanted to write.  I had even planned on making a list...but didn't!

Things in general are going pretty well.  The first and probably most important thing is that I am still running.  The last two "outings" have been incredibly successful.  Normally I walk Friday mornings but didn't have time so went out in the evening.  I'd had supper but felt like I was being lazy and should at least make minimum efforts.  So I get dressed and think I'll see what happens.  I'm walking for about 20 mins then I begin running.  It's tough but good.  I keep running and running and checking my watch and see I've made it to the 8 minutes but I don't feel I need to stop and keep going.  I look again at my watch and it's 12 minutes and I appear to have broken through the pain barrier.  I manage an additional 8 minutes and as I slow down my legs have turned to jelly.  I'm veering off to the left unable to pull myself back to the right.  Big fat me had managed to run for 20 minutes!

I was on a complete high.  Unable to think properly, talk or walk in a straight line, I didn't care!  I was feeling totally awesome and really felt I'd improved.

Went out again yesterday evening and again managed to shatter my previous record and ran non-stop at a slow and even pace for 26 minutes.  The weird thing is I'm actually enjoying running.  As I pass by another runner/jogger - there's an unspoken bond between us - runners look at each other and we all know what each other are going through.  Over the next couple of days may try and make it to 30 minutes which would be great.

Flirty office guy is looking good at the moment.  He was standing in front of me the other day and cleaned his glasses on his shirt.  I could see his slightly hairy, flat stomach staring at me and was so tempted to lean forward and lick it, but managed to restrain myself.  At the end of last week I stayed late at work and he came to say goodbye and gave me a good hug - that was nice!

The wife's new job seems to be going OK.  I think she's finding the long hours pretty tough but so far seems to be doing good.  She appears to be learning the material well and getting on good with the other employees.  I hope it lasts!  I'm hoping at the beginning of this month when she sees her first salary get paid into our bank account it should give her the drive to keep going.

I am still super horny.  I just don't have the time for the searches and meetings etc...I have found myself a few times in front of the webcam at home, but that doesn't come close to the real thing - although there's something very sexy about just staring at another guy's cock from the comfort of your own home.  I think one of the plus sides to webcam sex is that you can more or less be whoever you want to be.  In face-to-face encounters you can't claim to be 25 when you're over 35 - but it seems via the webcam you can be.  I personally see it as an opportunity to see the cocks of guys you'd never normally get a chance to see.  Maybe I'm a shit, but that's the way of life (in my opinion) in cyber world.

It's sometimes quite amazing (with a certain amount of luck) what you can get a guy to do on webcam (both straight and gay men).  I have seen people nail their scrotum to their desk, shit, shave themselves, piss, perform penile insertions, cover their body in graffitti and other things that would probably make your toes curl (if my list didn't!!).  Nobody was every forced to do anything and if that's how they get off....I'm only happy to watch!

My view counter (if it is genuine and correct) is now showing almost 13000 hits on my blog and I have added an additional 14 followers.  Much of that is due to Scott's Blog and I thank him again for that.  Thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read and cooment.

I'm not going to be around much the next couple of days - but I will be back hopefully blogging on Wednesday.



  1. I wanted to thank you for being linked to me, and I follow your entries regularly. I seem to have gotten a bit of a "Scott Bounce" myself and just watched as the meter on my site passed 3000 as yours passed 13,000. I would like to believe some of those are fellow searcher/reflecters. The web is indeed full of the most amazing posts of men in what can appear as painful acts and I marvel at the invention of human fantasy. The whole Cam thing I have yet to try, the free video websites still offering the sexual and occasional comic relief I seek. It seems to take me 4-5 hours just to do an entry but I am doing much historical catch up. You seem to have settled into a nice day by day rhythm that is not about high drama but touches on your interior life that I like. You and I seem to be trying to provide some visual delights woven into the written fabric. Like you I too have the issue of thinking or writing up ideas in advance but then all shifts when I sit down to the keyboard. Just wanted to say I resonate to what you are trying to do. Keep it up.

  2. My pleasure. I'm so pleased to receive you feedback. Had just been reading your blog too right now.