Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Unanswered Questions

I guess slowly, but surely we're getting into a routine of all the running about.  It's not always easy but at least it's working and being the positive person that I am (two people in last week made a point of mentioning my positive attitude) I am looking at the plus side of the running around and not the difficulties involved.

Yesterday evening I came back to the office after the afternoon taxi service was completed.  I friend of mine had arranged me some "private work" which kept me busy while in the office until 2300 and I was getting paid to do it.  That's always a bonus.  It wasn't difficult work and I'm pleased I did it.  Extra money is always fun to receive - especially when I'm doing it on regular office time and not my own hahahaha!!!

There's something very sexy about being in the office late at night, the quiet, the almost empty car park, the darkness outside.  There were still a few people wandering around (including Flirty office guy - but he was bogged under with some problem and couldn't "come out and play").  Maybe I'm just weird!

I'm still as horny as hell lately and haven't had any sex for a long time.  Would really like some sex badly - but just don't have the time for it right now - which is pretty annoying.  I'm still daydreaming about sex I had in the past.  One guy I met a couple of times was pretty wild.  I always remember him standing out at the meeting place because of the bright orange Ford Capri that he used to drive.  He had longish hair and was quite rough looking but had a certain rugged and very masculine look about him that really turned me on. 

Whether it was true or not the three or so times that we met - it just so happened that his girlfriend was out of town - but it was always handy.  He was tall and slim with a nice smooth body.  He was very masculine yet was totally passive with guys.  He would tell me that I could do absolutely anything to him and he would obey.  Looking back with the experience I have now, that could have been fantastic - but at the time I was still quite new to things and pretty naive so perhaps didn't take advantage of the offer as much as I could have.

He was probably one of the first guys that I actually fucked.  I remember I would sit on his bed and watch him strip for me.  He always wore sweat pants and underneath had big baggy boxer shorts.  His cock was always hard by the time he was naked.  One time, he told me that I could do as I wished with him and so I tied his hands behind his back - using the cord of his dressing gown and had him bent over his sofa - I remember the feeling of fucking him - having complete control over this strong, masculine guy as my cock slid inside him.  It's a feeling that has stayed with me forever and which I still enjoy - I guess that's the part of sex being fun.

When I was at that stage of my life with regard to meeting men, I was obviously very naive, very scared and incredibly cautious about doing things - he was the first guy that I had really wanted to stay in touch with.  Showing my age again, it was a long time before we had mobile phones and after we had fucked - I never had the courage to ask him for his phone number or to make a date to meet him again.  It was always just by chance that we would meet at the same place another time.

It's weird to think but this was probably around 20 years ago.  I wonder what has happened to him.  Did he marry his girlfriend?  Does he remember me?  Does he still fuck around with guys?  If I were to meet him again today would he still want me to do the same things to him?  Unfortunately these are questions I will probably never know the answer to.  But he definitely left me with some great memories. 


  1. It's sad really that as we get older it is much harder to find a man to have some m2m action with,as men my age want to be with younger blokes and the younger blokes naturally want to be with men closer to their age or a little older.. I often think about my x and the great sex we had together and how we enjoyed the muscularity of our relationship etc,so it looks like all we have is our memories of those good times romping about with a man sexually.Maybe one day we might get lucky!

  2. You may be right, but at least we're still young enough to have and enjoy the memories.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. A hot submissive guy that said you could do whatever you want and you used to tie up and fuck?
    Lost contact with him? Wondering what he's doing now?

    Isn't that what Facebook's for? ;)

  4. You're so right! If only I could remember his name. But it was so long ago. I'm getting old!