Friday, 19 March 2010


Although I've only been dieting for a couple of months, I like to think I'm beginning to feel the positive effects of the efforts I'm putting in to losing weight.  I am now trying at least twice a week to go out for a good power walk.  Almost every Friday morning I'm available as nobody is at home and that's my time.  I normally walk about 9 kilometers and the last few weeks I've been doing a bit of jogging too. 

When I first ran I could force myself to run for only about 2 minutes before I thought I was going to collapse.  Slowly every couple of weeks I have been trying to improve on that and today I managed to run non-stop for 13 minutes.  To any of the super-fit guys out there that probably doesn't seem like too much - but for a fat, lazy bastard like me - I'm totally proud of what I have achieved.  I am challenging myself with the running things to make my walks a bit more interesting - although I'm listening to music - walking can be very lonely and boring.  So giving myself this little challenge gives me something to work towards.

I came into the office today although it's closed as I have a lot of hours to make up because of my running around during the week.  Flirty office guy called me and we chatted for quite a long time about all kinds of stuff.  Not really sure why he called (he'd been in the office himself earlier but had to leave before I arrived [he had already called me earlier in the day to tell me he would be leaving earlier than planned]).  I enjoy speaking to him a lot and not just for the obvious reasons.  He's intelligent and a really nice guy to talk to. 

The other day as he left work he gave me a big hug too - I'm not sure why he did it - but I accepted the hug with open arms!!!

Yesterday was a weird day for me, not sure why.  I think it was a mixture of tiredness and stress with all the running around and I suddenly felt really low - it wasn't a panic or anxiety attack, but I just felt I wanted to be home and in bed.  But things have sorted themselves out today - the walk/run this morning definitely helped and I'm feeling much better now.

Also positive thoughts - and there's nothing that turns me on more than a sexy guy in a pair of tanga briefs with a hardon inside.  Definitely feeling better now!!!

Have wonderful weekend!


  1. Running non-stop is boring, I agree. It's also not as good as intervals,which I do.

    Start with a short warm up of about 2 minutes..then run for 1 1/2 -2 minutes at a low pace..then walk 30 secs, then run at the next level for same amount of time (1.5 -2 min) increasing every run interval.

    I start at 4.5 warm up, run at 6.0, then walk 4.5 - 6.5, 4.5 - 7.0 all the way to 9.5. Hope this makes sense.

    Interval training is not only less boring because you are always changing up your stride, but, it's also better for your heart and is a great burns fat burner.

    Good luck!

  2. I'll definitely give this a try, anything to break the monotony.

    Just saying to myself "I will be thin and beautiful, I will be thin and beautiful" doesn't seem to be having the desired effect.