Wednesday, 17 March 2010

All Work No Play

My new role as the family taxi driver is getting to be pretty tough.  My day involves taking everyone in the morning and then picking them up again in the afternoon and evening and only when everyone else is safely home I can go back to work.  I'm lucky that I have the flexibility to do that at work.  But it's very, very tiring.  The additional and much more worrying aspect to this new role is that it leaves me with no time for "extra curricular activities".

This leaves me very horny, a little frustrated and with no other option other than to sit and remember some of the men and situations I've found myself in during my much more slutty years!

One of the earliest I remember was the very first time I actually went back to someone's house for a fuck.  I must have been about 17 at the time.  I was on my way home (I can't remember where from) and had got off the train a few stops early to go to a sex shop which I had heard about and wanted to go visit.  I wandered around until I found the shop and took a deep breath before going inside.  The first thing you saw as you walked in was the array of restraints - handcuffs, chains and ropes and nooses etc...  Then as you walked through a rather grubby black curtain, the dimly lit shop displayed dildos and vibrators and latex cocks in every imaginable shape, colour and size.  Along another wall were hundreds of video covers (yes videos, not DVDs - it was a long time ago).  On another wall was a clothes rail with various rubber, leather and latex clothes carefully arranged.  In the far corner of the shop was a rack containing various gay porno magazines catering for every possible whim or desire. 

There were another 3 or 4 men wandering around the shop with another couple of guys coming in and out.  I walked over to the porno mag section and started thumbing through a few of them.   Although I had some experience with men, it was still pretty early days for me and seeing these pictures of the beautiful naked men was incredibly exciting.

There was another guy also flicking through the magazines, each time I looked up I noticed that he was staring at me then looking back at his magazine.  He was wearing a black bomber jacket, black jeans and Doc Marten boots.  He was slightly shorter than me and balding but very masculine and good looking.  I looked at him again and noticed him "adjusting" himself.  In the dim light I could notice that he had quite a bulge in his jeans.  That immediately made me hard too.  The looking at each other and adjusting our cocks went on for a few minutes before he put down his magazine and walked towards the shop exit.

My eyes followed him as he walked out and just before the exit he stopped to look at the dildo display then turned around, made eye contact with me, adjusted himself and went for the exit.  I began to walk towards the exit too ... he saw me coming as he walked through the curtain.  I walked through too and he was standing there with a big smile his face - he immediately grabbed my cock over my jeans and just smiled.  I smiled back nervously.

He began talking to me, just the regular small talk - asked what I'm doing in the area, what did I think of the stuff in the shop and then says if I'm busy.  I said "no, I'm just on my way home" and he asks if I want to come back to his, he lives just around the corner.  My mind immediately begins racing on the one hand I'm thinking yes, yes, yes but I'd never been to anyone's house before.  Doing it in the car or in the park was a lot different.  I said, sure I'll come back.  We walked to his flat in a big block just 5 minutes walk from where we'd met.  We go up the stairs and he opens the door and leads me into the lounge.  Suddenly I was nervous - what if he was to kill me, who'd ever find me here?  Who was this guy?  What was I doing here?  I needed to pee!  He directed me to the toilet and I got myself together.

I went back to the lounge and found him sitting on an armchair wearing just a white t-shirt and a pair of tight black briefs.  He immediately got down on his knees and pulled out my rock hard cock and began sucking on me, it felt great.  I pulled him up and he lead me to the bedroom and lay down on his back.  I climbed on the bed, my jeans still around my ankles.  I began sucking on his cock too, fingering his arse at the same time.  We were both very horny and there was a crazy animal attraction between us.  Once his cock was nice and wet I began stroking his cock, I could tell it wouldn't be long before he came.  I began stroking mine at the same time.  I'm kneeling between his spread legs wanking both our cocks - flicking his balls with each stroke.  Almost simultaneously we both shoot - my cum flying over his cock, stomach and smooth chest and then fall on a heap next to him on the bed.

As the feeling faded my nerves returned.  Before he had a chance to say anything I stood up pulling my jeans up and said I didn't realise how late it was and I had to run and before he even had a chance to say anything I was dressed and out the door on my way back.

That was a long time ago, here I am now 20 years later sitting in my office late in the evening - all grown up and married - but still feeling just as horny as I did then.  Reminiscing about days gone by, too busy and too tired to do anything about it - realising for the time being it really is all work and no play.


  1. What a detailed memory about that hot encounter, and surely you were jacking as you wrote it, because I was jacking as I read it. It may have been 20 years ago, but read as if it happened yesterday, and the pictures you chose beautifully illustrated the story.

    While you are too busy and too tired, supply us with some more hot memories, until you get the real thing again.

  2. Hey, sounds like you a bit bogged down, I hope that you manage to get your Mojo back sooner than later.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. Thanks for the comments - actually feeling pretty positive at the moment - it's more a case of being tired rather than a lost mojo.

    Take care everyone!!!

  4. As a married guy that loves sex with men I know just how you feel. Love the blog