Thursday, 11 March 2010

Getting Better Still

All the new arrangements that we have had to make with the start of my wife's work are beginning to fall into place.  It's not easy and it's a lot of running around (for me) most often as a taxi driver, but I'm definitely not complaining and the reason for all these changes is definitely worthwhile and something I'd been waiting a long time for.

I made my monthly visit today to my dietitian today and yes, more good news - I lost another 3 kilos.  It's actually a bit less than I was hoping for but it's definitely going in the right direction which makes me very happy indeed.  I'm going back again in a month and I really want to make an extra effort this month and lose more than I did this last month.

The dietitian also made a point of saying something about my positive attitude and how lucky my wife is that I'm so eager to improve myself and others and to make such a drastic change - I could do nothing but agree with her!  I have always had a positive attitude to most things (bar my last post) and explained to her about when I was ill and how positive I am.  She agreed with me about how having a positive attitude towards things can make such a big difference - be it dieting and food or chemotherapy and health. 

Having read some of the comments that were posted yesterday I must agree with everyone.  I need to enjoy the good times and not be worrying about the bad stuff.  Having re-read my post yesterday, I think I sounded a little ungrateful.  I now realise that we should be happy with the good times and enjoy them and not just wait for the bad stuff to happen!  Thank you all for the encouragement and kind words!

The weather is still very hot, we're having a mini-heatwave at the moment so with temperatures in the region of 35 degrees - nothing could be better.  Other than lying on a beach naked next to the man you love.  But seeing as that isn't possible (and for those that read this blog and have been naked on the beach with me - I still care a lot for you!!!) just dreaming about it is a very good step forward!

The weekend is looming and I don't have any plans.  Basically a large part of it is going to be spent working and catching up on hours missed with all my running around this week.  But like I said at the beginning, it's definitely worth it!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Lots of happiness and good luck!

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  1. Heatwave Hey! time to get into a pair of speedos then!!and get a tanline a happening now that you are feeling postive about yourself!
    Yes/no or r u a boardie short kinda of guy??
    I'm off to a garden expo so no time for wearing my speedos, so whatever your doing this weekend with your family I hope it is a lot of fun for you mate.Cheers.