Thursday, 25 March 2010


When a good friend of mine showed me his blog and suggested I should write one too, I really had no idea what it would be or what I would write, I just knew that because of the "semi-inique" life I lead, it would definitely be interesting for those who are in the same situation.  As I look back at the older posts I can see in the last 3 or so months since I began I am developing a kind of style.  As someone who writes for a living, I understand the importance of writing style and doing my best to make sure that people read to the end.  I hope I will continue to improve and develop and increase my readership and followers.

Since entering blog world, it's also been a revelation to read the multitude of topics and issues that people blog about.  I have concentrated on the gay side of blogging in terms of following blogs with gay porn, pictures as well as the stories of guys in a similar situation to mine.  It's so interesting to see the different attitudes of people all around the world dealing with pretty much the same issues.  It's a kind of voyeurism into peoples' minds and not just their bedrooms.

Some blogs are fascinating reading, others are just full of pictures or videos.  Perhaps I am just sceptical but some blogs seem a little unreal to me - perhaps not being written by whom they claim is writing them.  Who knows?  

I was honoured enough to have a guy from the thegayeststr8guy blog to feature my blog.  This guy has the most amazing writing style.  I also love his attitude towards the gay side of his straight life.  Like him, I also don't think the whole issue of being married and gay too seriously.  I know I'm attracted to guys but also always knew the type of life I was going to lead.  Obviously, I'm not judging anyone.  I'm not interested in labels or for anyone to judge me.  Everyone must live their life the best way for them but sure, because of this some people make their lives very hard for themselves - I totally understand why they would do it but it's just not something I would do.

You can read about my blog here I Don't Understand it Either!!!.  Thanks again to Scott for taking his time and effort to write about my blog!  I have spoken to some really great people as a result of this blog and I'm really pleased.

Putting the hit counter on my blog has been a revelation.  When I put it there on Tuesday it was more for the curiousity to see how many people actually look at my blog.  I had about 30-31 followers and I thought that was it.  I am blown away by the fact that since Tuesday when I set the counter at 3200 (according to profile views) to see that at the time of writing this post the counter is now on 6540 - that means that over 3000 people have loaded this page.  That's amazing and I thank everyone who has been reading my blog!

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