Sunday, 28 February 2010

Back and Boring

I apologise for not writing for a few days but haven't been in the office much and when I was have actually been quite busy.  Saying that, not much has really changed.  I guess this post is just a catch up on things that have been happening the last few days.

Met Mrs Crazy on Friday picking my daughter up from the nursery.  Since everything happened it was the first time I had seen her.  She wasn't able to make eye contact and it was all quite uncomfortable.  I still said hello to her.  I stayed in the nursery with my daughter a little longer giving Mrs Crazy a chance to go ahead and get away.  However, I get outside and the stupid woman is waiting.  She said her daughter wanted to wait for my daughter so they could walk together (we both live near the nursery and of course, near each other).  The girls went ahead and I walked with her in complete silence. Both of us pretending to be busy with our mobile phones.  Very uncomfortable.

My wife's interview last week was successful (so far) and she has been called back for a second interview today with the MD of the company - this is very good!  Obviously, she is stressing about it and taking her stress and tension out on me.  The entire weekend I was home (didn't step foot outside the house) and she wanted me to help her prepare for the interview.  Every time I offered to help she "couldn't be bothered" or was "too tired".  Yesterday I went out for 3 hours to visit family and when I came home (at 1900) she was pissed off with me because just when I went out that was the exact time that she wanted to sit and prepare for the interview!  How typical and how annoying!  So when I pointed out it was still on 1900 and we could do it right then, she was again "too tired" and "like everything else will do it on her own!"  Fucking women!

As part of my new health kick I went last week for a trial Spinning lesson.  A guy I work with told me about it, his wife is the instructor.  So I went along.  I had told a few people at work who laughed a lot and didn't think I would manage more than 30 minutes.  It was really, REALLY tough but I totally enjoyed it.  I managed to get through the entire lesson (I'm a lot of things but not a quitter)!  Only now my body is beginning not to hurt so much, but it was great fun and hopefully will be doing a few more lessons - it was an excellent work out.  I only found out after the lesson but I had been in an advanced spinning - just to add to it.  But I'm really pleased I did it and my friends at work were very surprised at how successful I'd actually been.

Basically that's my life summed-up in just a few lines - back and boring as ever!  But thanks for reading!

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  1. My Goodnes your Mrs sure does give out mixed messages does'nt she!more likely you should have been pissed!!(hick)off with good thing you got away from mrs crazy safely?? yeeha I say.
    Spinning!! I guess you were not spinning