Thursday, 11 February 2010


I'm feeling very positive today.  Woke up this morning early and did what I have to do so that I could go for a walk before going to the dietitian.  Had been thinking a lot about it and was determined to make one last effort before the big weigh-in.  I actually enjoy walking, putting some music on and just walking and walking.  It's just the initial getting dressed and getting outside.  Once I'm outside I enjoy the chance to some time to myself. I guess I walked in an hour about 4-5 kilometers which is pretty good (perhaps a bit more).  Came back feeling really good.

I arrived at the dietitian's office early and waited until she called me.  She's is a very happy, bubbly person and we talked about some other issues and then I got on the scales.   I had already made sure I was wearing light clothes and removed everything from my pockets - keys, phone, wallet.   It's one of those old-fashioned scales where she slides the weight along a metal pole (not too sure how to describe it).  I watched her sliding the weight along and was super-surprised to see I'd lost 5 kilos!!!  I was so happy - I had worked hard (although I could have worked harder maybe) but it was definitely a result!

Because of other things going on, I sat and chatted with her for about 30 minutes.  It was quite amazing how well she could understand the mind of a person with an eating disorder (not me) and she was just so helpful and willing to do whatever she could.  She even realised how much I needed the talk myself and I'm not sure how I'm going to go about it offering it, but she gave me advice that I need to offer to someone else.  Her desire to help was just incredible.

So it was a mega-incentive for me to carry on with the diet and work harder to achieve better results for my next visit in a month's time.  The dietitian told me that I don't really need her, but I explained that I need to know that even if it's only once a month, that I'm under some kind of supervision so I will continue to work hard and get to a more healthy weight.  I think without the supervision I will get bored and give up.

On an even lighter note - spent some time today working with Flirty office guy.  He's quite fit and goes rowing a lot in the sea.  He told me how the last time he rowed - it was very cold and when he got out of the water his balls had shrunk to almost invisible.  There was also a lot of sexual innuendo coming from him.  We were working in a room full of people so I'm not sure if he's just joking because if he wasn't, there was no way either of us could have actually done anything - even if we'd had the courage to do something.

This has definitely given me a good start to the weekend.

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  1. Mate well done on getting rid of the 5kilos.
    I can't figure out that flirty office dude! sounds like he is still frighten of that helping hand of your' day he might just shock you with an OK let's do it!or Not!