Sunday, 14 February 2010

Flirty Office Guy

I have spent a large part of today working with Flirty office guy and the sexual tension between us is palpable.  There is just so much homo-eroticism between us it's crazy.  He was sitting at my desk and we were sitting very closely.  I even "bumped into him" in the toilets and stood next to him at the urinal - I tried desperately to sneak a peek - but couldn't see anything. 

There is another guy in the company, also married and super-duper intelligent who for some unknown reason I have always suspected him of showing an interest in his own sex walked past my office and said how "cute" we looked working together.  We were not in my room alone so there was definitely nothing "funny" going on between us at the time.  Maybe it's something that only certain people can see.

The Evidence
  • At a couple of points during the day while we were working together - he said he was tired and put his head on my shoulder (one of the times he did that, I put my head on his too ahhhhh!).
  • He was really happy with the work I was doing for him and jokingly he said "You're doing it so good, I could kiss you!"
  • Since we were both working on the same keyboard, there was lots of arm touching going on between us.
  • There was also the usual array of mentions of cock-sucking, cocks, dicks and blow jobs!
Still it could be all good humoured "schoolboy" fun.  I really don't know.  Perhaps I'm reading too much into someone just feeling very comfortable around me.  Maybe I am looking and trying to find things that don't exist.

I know I've blogged about this before and I'm sure everyone is pretty sick of hearing about it.  I have visions of anyone who actually reads the blog, rolling his eyes and saying to himself "just grab his cock and get the first move out of the way!" 

I am definitely finding myself more attracted to him.  He's shorter than me, slim, bald head, wears glasses and very fair skin.  He has delicately blond-haired arms.  He works out quite a bit and I'm sure under his clothes has a very attractive body.  I noticed he touches himself quite a lot (perhaps a sign of a big cock?) and his behind always looks very cute in his jeans!

On to other business, the diet is still going well.  I'm a bit worried that I'm starting to smoke too much.  Since I was ill I had stopped smoking altogether and a few months ago was feeling really pissed off one day and had 1 cigarette.  Then another a few weeks later.  Then another the same week.  I'm still at the stage where I'm asking someone else for cigarettes and not buying them.  I'm finding myself thinking about cigarettes more and more.  But the need to smoke is slowly creeping back.  I must be strong!!!  I still seem to have the food pretty much under control and as things have calmed down back to a more normal level at home, I'm also feeling a little bit calmer.

My wife and I didn't talk for about a week and a half, so it's weird now that we are catching up all the things we had been dying to tell each other since our initial argument.  In a weird sort of way I'm sure we are destined to be together forever.  Like with Flirty office guy - some things need to be taken slowly sometimes with a good outcome and sometimes not - but one thing is for sure, we just have to sit back and enjoy the ride and deal with whatever comes our way. 

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  1. OMG after that exciting day, I would have done a mrs palmer at the end of the day for dreaming that it is Mr flirtyofficeguy doing the job!