Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Flirty office guy is back in the office from his trip.  I'm quite sure I'm not imagining it but there seems to be so much sexual tension/chemistry between us, it's quite wild.  I'm almost positive it's there and not just something I keep thinking is there, but isn't.  A lot of the "running" seems to come from him too.  He sends me messages on Skype, visits me in my office etc...  Don't misunderstand, I also initiate some of the contact, but definitely not all.

He is incredibly sexy - he's thin and has a cute little behind.  Would love to see what he looks like naked.  Just given the chance I'd make sure it was something he wouldn't forget!

Some of our Skype conversations have been particularly sexual - but I still can't tell if it's just joking around or whether there is something deeper.  Even when messing about I don't know whether a guy would tell another guy that he has sensitive nipples hahaha!

Anyway, I'm totally horny - and having spoken to a good friend of mine earlier today, he managed to make me even hornier.  His explicit descriptions of what we're going to do together next time we meet didn't help at all.  I hope it's soon - he's a great guy incredibly sexy with a great body.  Guess I just have to be patient.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet here.  I've joined Twitter - but still trying to work out how it all works, if I think it's good I'll add a link here.  The tablets are still working nicely and I'm sleeping much better than I was and I'm so much calmer and patient - which was the purpose of me taking the tablets.  But I still realise that until other things in my life change, the pressure is still there but I just seem to be dealing with it better.

As for the pictures, there is nothing (in my opinion) nicer than a guy in briefs - other than perhaps a guy not in his briefs!  These are model pics but still nice to look at.


  1. Office flirty guy is playing with you that's for sure! Gee he is indeed a hard one to work out! I am sceptical of his flirting to you and nothing has happened.
    He is ether doing this because he likes men sexually or he is doing it to bring you Out?The question is.Does he know more than you realise in regards to your sexuality!Just a thought don't mean to spoil the fun.
    Yeah I know it's not easy when one needs that man touch..I have been the same for days..Horny as for some M2M action but it looks like I will have to open the wallet.$$ Cheers Mate.

  2. I have a similar scenario... My colleague and I have been working together for many years. He knows I am gay and often would make sexual remarks. He is realy buff, sexy ass and a huge bulge. He knows I some times stare at his bulge and thinks it funny. He has gaydar. He can spot a gay guy from a mile away. He is always telling me about these hot nude guys he saw at the gym. Graphic details involving their hot asses and their huge dicks. He checks gay porn at work( only gay porn ). Three quarters of his facebook friends are gay. He is 25. Never had a girlfriend. Made the remark the other day that he would have to be high before he gets married and have kids. But he says he is straight. I know cause we have spoken about it already. What do you make of my scenario??

  3. These situations are impossible to work out.

    Was working with Flirty office guy yesterday and there was a lot of "weird stuff" going on. Will blog about it later.

    Your guy sounds very hard to work out - at least flirty office guy is married!

    Take care and thanks for commenting.