Sunday, 7 February 2010

Working Fun

Well Thursday was very interesting.  If I wasn't confused before about Flirty office guy - I am now!!  He needed my help with something he was doing and I was only too happy to help!

He sat at my desk and there was quite a bit of "leg touching" - his leg touching my leg - even to the point that we joked about it.  There was lots of "gay talk" and lots of joking - him telling me to suck his cock - me offering to do it.  But still things got weirder.  After about working for a while  I had to go to the toilet to pee.  Expecting him to say sure, I'll wait here, he says OK, me too, I'll come with you.

So there we are standing next to each other at the urinals (unfortunately there's a partition between them) we continue talking.  It made me very horny to know that he was standing a few centimeters from me holding his dick.  I finished first and as I walked behind him, I tried desperate to sneak a look - but in those few milliseconds of opportunity, I didn't get the angles and trajectories right and didn't see anything - and trust me - I tried hard!

We carried on working and finished what we had to do.  Maybe from the nerves or excitement I needed to pee again after about half-an-hour.  Just as I'm finishing Flirty office guy comes in to the toilet again.  This time as I finish I stand behind him and rock him from side to side as a joke - as if to make him pee on the wall.  He just laughed.  Then while I washed my hands we continued talking.  I asked him if he needs a hand.  He says sure you can help me hold it ... I thought what the hell and started to walk towards him with my hand held out.  He laughed again and said "oh my god, fuck off"  or something similar.

The whole thing was very weird.  Again, maybe coincidence - maybe not. 

Other than that, things are quiet.  I still believe women are mad though.  Had a quiet weekend on my own as my wife went to visit her mother and I was home alone.  I didn't have the energy to "enjoy" myself as it was cold and rainy.  Maybe men are mad too.


  1. Interesting happenings in the loo!maybe he is all talk or running scared!wonder if the chemistry( your gay talk) will be on the same level now that you have offered him the Hand!
    I think we( men) have to all have a little bit of madness abouts us to survive as we do!but not raving mad!

  2. Hmm. Definitely confusing. Interesting that he followed you to the bathroom the second time. Too bad he told you to fuck off and didn't let you hold him while he pissed.