Monday, 31 May 2010

Now that I have spent the best part of 5 months documenting my life, it seems very bloody boring a lot of the time.  I read a lot of other blogs and some of the guys seem to lead such exciting lives with non-stop action and fucking all over the place and amazing stories.  It makes my blog seem a little lacking.  I often wish I had the freedom of movement that so many other guys seem to have in terms of working and getting out and running around during the day - my work is totally office-based so don't have the opportunity to wander around.

But on the bright side, I don't work so hard and I sit in front of the computer and spend a way-too-large part of my day looking at things which I know I shouldn't be looking at - but it fills a void to a certain extent.  But being the optimistic guy that I am, I prefer to be happy with what I've got and not worry about being like other guys.  Nobody says their lives are any easier or better or more fulfilling than mine.

Not so long ago I met a "fuck buddy" of mine.  I have mentioned him before on my threesome post.  He's the MD of a company and the most masculine man you could possibly imagine.  His big and has a tough look on his face all the time, yet when he's with another guy he loves to be totally passive.  There's something about that mixture that just drives me wild.

Although we've known each other for a number of years, we actually meet very rarely due to timetable conflicts.  We had been exchanging emails and we planned to meet late in the evening in a quiet area surrounded by small forest.  It was very dark and that only added to the fun.  I parked my car and jumped into his jeep as we headed deeper into the trees.  We drove for a couple of minutes and found a quiet clearing.  He's probably about 6' 5" and about 130 kg - but there is something very sexy about him.  He's also hairy - which is something I do like on a man!

We both got out of the jeep and I walked around to his side.  I immediately stripped him naked - pulling off his white t-shirt and taking down his sweat pants - he had no underwear on.  I grabbed his cock hard and squeezed it tight.  He squirmed, but I knew he liked it.  I ordered him to his knees and he began opening my belt and jeans.  I pulled them down and he began sucking me.  I began to push his head down on my already rock hard cock.  I then grabbed his head and began fucking his mouth.  He was gagging - but I continued.

I pulled him up and we began kissing.  It was always something he was dead-set against, but I have managed to persuade him to learn to like it and albeit a little reluctantly he kissed me back.  I also know that he loves have his arse played with - and I am always happy to oblige.  He leaned into his car and pulled out a small plastic bag with condoms and KY inside.  He handed me the KY and I began smearing it generously on his hole.  I immediately began playing with his hole and then slid 1 finger inside.  His whole framed jumped as it went inside as I began fucking him with my finger from behind.  He had the driver's door open and was leaning over - his head on the driver's seat of the car.  I now had 2 fingers inside him and was spanking him relentlessly - each time he was asking for more! 

I leaned over his back and grabbed his head and pulled it back (he likes it rough) and ask him if he wants me to fuck him.  He said yes and I made him say it loud and to tell me that he wants to get fucked by me.  When he had told me enough I made him get a condom out and then put it on my throbbing dick. 

I pushed him back over - and pushed his head down into the driver's seat and pushed my cock inside him hard and fast.  He jumped again, but I know how he likes it, so I didn't stop and began pumping away at him - holding his head down spanking his arse at the same time.  It felt good.  I was close but wasn't ready to cum.  So I pulled out of him and took the belt off my jeans.  While he was still leaning over, I grabbed his arms behind his back and began whipping him with my belt.  Each time the belt slapped on his buttocks I made him ask for another one (a la Animal House - please sir, may I have another!).

I went back to fucking him some more - I was so horny - I couldn't stop myself - I knew he was rock hard too.  I pulled and turned him around towards me.  I used my belt to tie his hands behind his back before grabbing his cock and jerking him off - he tried to release his hands but I pulled tighter on the belt around his wrists - jerking him non-stop.  He was groaning with pleasure - his body almost completely under my control.  I felt his cock twitch and he began shooting an enormous load on the floor by the wheel of his car - his cock was so sensitive his body jerked each time I stroked his cum-covered cock.  I put him back on his knees, his hands still tied behind his back as he began to suck me off to satisfaction - I pulled out of his mouth just as I was about to shoot and let him watch my load fly into the same direction as his.

Both of us dressed and got back into the jeep as he took me back to where I'd parked my car.  We shook hands and said we must do it again soon.

I guess my life isn't as boring as I think it is. 

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